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  1. We just gave a win to Toronto last night for no good reason. I'm less worried about where it will place us and more worried about getting there first.

  2. Its not 'no good reason'. Lebron is old and AD caught severe cold. It was also back to back

  3. I might be tripping, but have you seen Pat Bev knock down a 3??

  4. Best case scenario is 5-0 win. Haha

  5. Yeah im kinda confident about AD’s health these days

  6. It would be either AD or Bron. Probably we should sit AD then

  7. All except MJ, Kobe, KD, Duncan, T-Mac and (maybe) KG. Everyone else either doesn’t have the height advantage or skillset, and only VC can match his athleticism.

  8. Lebron guarded KG pretty good though

  9. I wish he has his scoring ability in 2018(Not even expecting 2017 scoring from him.) I know he is high volume less efficient scorer, but during his okc day, if he played efficiently he couldve averaged 20&10 with us

  10. That dunk was reminiscent of the days of Shaquille.

  11. Even better if we have Shaq's dominance with Hakeem's defense

  12. Sorry I am not really sure about pre-2010 era but did Lakers go to finals that year?

  13. Yes they went to the 2008 finals and got destroyed by the celtics

  14. So that was before Gasol trade. Now i see ok

  15. Wood guy is non-existant with defensive end. I am not sure if you have watched single Mavs game this season

  16. I don’t think this sub knows what good coaching is…they’re really hard to evaluate

  17. Um..thats what determines good coach and bad coach. Except for tanking teams

  18. That is of course valid. But Giannis and Luka don't complement each other on offense particularly well, which is why I picked Curry. The dude is the ultimate floor spacer. But of course, if you have Luka and Giannis, they can carry your offense by sheer talent alone. It would be like a LeBron/Wade situation.

  19. Cmon man. Luka's alley oop to Giannis every game??

  20. Every player playing against Paul George

  21. I think part of the reason LeBrons ft attempts have gone down is because he's not as explosive as he used to be going at the rim.

  22. not sure. Even during Heat days he didnt rlly get the foul calls than he did during his cavs days.

  23. No you guys are wrong . Lebrons not getting fouled . The ENTIRE LEAGUE just figured out how to guard him PERFECTLY. Even rookies /S

  24. After 19 years, the league finally figured out how to guard him lmao/s

  25. I wanna be optimistic!! We can def be in the 4-6th seed if we have more games like last nights. We can do rlly well in the playoffs. If we beat the Nuggets and Celtics next week I can see us as definite Contenders

  26. I really want 3rd seed though. We can have advantage for first round and possibly 2nd or even conference finals if there is an upset

  27. Understandable if Bron can't go. His ankles have taken a beating and he probably wants to be fit for Cleveland.

  28. Am I the only one who think we can beat wizards without lebron? That wizards team look so bad defensively. We'd love to see Lebron and Kuzma duel but thats about it

  29. Warriors/Boston broadcasts are easily the worst

  30. Boston broadcasts are FUCKIN LAMMEEE. I was trying to watch Heat/celtics after I finished Lakers game with good mood, and I almost went to sleep even though the game was very entertaining

  31. That wouldve been nuts but the scene looked like bron was passing torch to AD. Nice one to see

  32. That call needs to be challenged, why the fuck doesn't Ham use them??

  33. No lol WB clearly stepped on the line. It was actually a good choice not to challenge those

  34. Not a fan at all. We need shooting, not another playmaker.

  35. ? I am confused. Vuc is center who can shoot and support AD with it. Demar is still has his scoring ability and also can shoot 3s as well. Why do you guys hate this trade?

  36. Cam is ass except for the season opener

  37. Good offense beats good defense. I didn't watch the game but sometimes there's nothing you can do. Shane Battier was an incredible defender but Kobe dropped 65 on him

  38. Battier was good defender, but there were some defenders that seems to give Kobe much harder task. Like Tony Allen, Tashaun Prince

  39. No one else was close to Nash in 06 lmao.

  40. So Aldridge, Eric Gordon, Manu, Parker, danny green, Capela, were worse than okc roster at that time?

  41. Even if you lose, u can just click off from your game and do it again. Then you can able to play game again

  42. I wonder what the team would look like if Lebron sacrificed the offense to 15-20ppg and played all-defensive team level defense (if he's still capable, obviously). i think the team would be better, honestly

  43. U might be right. Last years lakers would be winless if lebron scored 20 and below but this years lakers is little different

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