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  1. Dry them and put them in granola. No one will notice. Dogs aren't routinely trained on shrooms, no one really cares

  2. I thought of this one myself too but I assume he will still somehow connect it to genes saying something like the religions you’re more likely to believe in somehow are based on the genes you have and which ones you’d believe, but I will still mention it and see what his response is. He comes from Iran and talks heavily about religion because of what it’s done to his home country, so I’m sure he’d have already considered this too.

  3. Religion, language and nationality all depend on location not genetics. Although I personally wouldn't consider them traits as much as cultural but that depends on how you define things. (Language is a trait, the specific language is just a variation)

  4. The guy who predicted the leevies would collapse in a strong hurricane. Category two or three. Not five as they predicted.

  5. I think every engineer I knew said New Orleans would be toast. This was a surprise to no one.

  6. Yeah no some ppl have gotten hurt once at most twice while I’ve been at this clinic. It happens. Some others though get hurt on a weekly basis and i don’t understand how lol.

  7. Because they also don't understand the animals they work with.

  8. Been there, done that for years with no relief. Glad it helps you.

  9. You’re 100% correct but I know most bite and police work trainers raise dogs from birth so was looking for the opportunity to find a location that breeds and trains from the start as to get the full experience of training the dog

  10. And then vomit it back up because you're still in terrible pain... Don't be a wise ass

  11. I use the capture method quite a bit with puppies and new dogs. All that happens is they're more likely to repeat the behavior. "It worked the first time and I got a treat so let's try it again." Once they start exhibiting the behavior in a predictable manner I introduce the cue word and work on it in a bit more structured training. I also call it lazy dog training because you can sit on the couch chilling and just reward whatever good behavior you like and want them to do more of. I think it's a good low key introduction to training for older dogs as well.

  12. Both lawyers and engineers used to spend most of their time buried in paper, these days it's all on computer. Any job heaped in paper is mostly computer based these days. Many jobs demand at least a familiarity with computers or data entry. That being said the skill level needed for most jobs is pretty basic.

  13. Protect his blind side. My one-eyed cat hates being surprised from his blind side. He may feel more confident on walks if his good eye is away from you and he can see around him, play with the positions and see how he feels.

  14. Good idea and super sad topic. Russia is stealing their past (museum looting) and their future

  15. He wasn't supervised and it seemed like a nice spot? Perhaps stress from moving around and changes in the environment. More supervision and not letting pup have the run of the house will fix it.

  16. Yeah it was fine, tempered glass wouldn't cause any damage. Just spooked it for a second.

  17. It can be enough to foul up their training and willingness to be handled. I spent a couple months re-training a head shy giraffe. It was impossible to medicate her (she had a weird calcium issue) for a while.

  18. OMG, I want to know more! I never really thought about giraffe training before but yeah... how'd she become head shy?

  19. The zoo has a feeding deck where people can interact. And while it is always supervised some idiot still managed to grab her by her horns and scared her. Not being domesticated they are less forgiving so it takes a lot of time to earn back their trust. They also lack motivation lol. I went back to the basics of target training and lots of bananas as treats.

  20. Absolutely, tooth loss and broken or damaged teeth can be a death sentence in older animals. Tooth decay as we generally know it in humay is predominantly due to our sugar laden diets but it does occur naturally as well.

  21. It's dumber to call it monkeypox, it should be another rodent pox

  22. Anyone who hears "monkeypox" and thinks it's racist is clearly racist.

  23. It's also more common in rodents, primates aren't the primary hosts

  24. No, I would rule out antagonizing behavior before jumping to neurological issues.

  25. Research dates back to the 70s I think. I found a ton of older studies when I looked but many of them weren't in English. In general we don't have a ton of information though

  26. It’s used in many countries around the world routinely. Many of our anesthesiologists use it here as part of a multi modal protocol. It’s by no means a Hail Mary it should just be used appropriately and is not use routinely in the United States so many are not used to seeing it

  27. It had an extremely narrow window of safety which is probably why it's not used often

  28. Thank you so much! This genuinely helped a lot and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it all to me. I realize that I'm more interested in rehabbing as opposed to zoology. I do have just two more questions though.

  29. Most wildlife rehabilitators are volunteer positions. There's only a couple in my very large metro area that pay anything at all.

  30. I think you gently persuade them to consider matters more seriously. If they want to stay in their home, it's best to make renovations like handicap accessibility and what not before it's needed. Good planning now always pays off later. You are best off to position yourself as a resource rather than forcing an issue or confrontation. Simply starting to have these conversations is a good beginning. Most communities have a wealth of resources for seniors and while it's unlikely you need them now, it can be helpful to start acquainting yourself with what's available.

  31. huh thats really neat! im not sure if she was around other males, her previous owner had a tomcat so we both assumed thats the father but she did have access to outdoors so its possible hes not the father lol

  32. I'm in the same place with my mom. We hired a house cleaning service. I'm trying to get her to volunteer at the library and start going to water aerobics again. It's the depression that sucks. I try to visit and take her out once a week. I'm hoping over the holiday to have some of my friends over to cheer her up and play board games. Keeping them in engaged with the world is the challenge.

  33. There are different reasons every time, I feel like it's guilt that made her pour her heart. Because I was giving my 100% in this relationship but there was not much effort from her at that time.

  34. Ah yes, a life of pain and fear is good enough for some people.

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