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  1. If they lose Luka because of it, it definitely goes down as one of the worst moves ever.

  2. Yeah that’s the real damage here. Mavs don’t have another move to make if Kyrie bolts. Mavs will be a dead man walking heading into next season, and Luka isn’t going to like it.

  3. Jason Terry and Josh Howard were good but yeah it’s insane

  4. Yeah. Terry was a really good player - one of best shooters in the league at his peak. That team also had really good role players doing what they needed to do happily. It was a well built team, not just a collection of talent.

  5. Heck yeah. What'll it be? Commander Keen? Jazz Jackrabbit? OMF2097 demo? Duke Nukem 1 or 2? Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure?

  6. Well one of the theories regarding productivity is that during peak Covid people were indoors and bored so they were working from home diligently. Now that life is back to normal, people are more apt to go hit the gym in the morning, take a long lunch, go run around and do life errands, etc - which ends up with less hours/output.

  7. The other aspect is that during COVID, most employees were people who were already at the company, so training wasn't as much of an issue. But ~3 years later, companies are not just sending experienced people home to work, but also needing to train new employees (either new to the company, or new to the workforce), and might be finding that is a harder thing to do remotely.

  8. Yeah - you also have a new crop of kids graduating college every year and having to learn how to be a professional. I think that's extremely difficult to do working remotely, and a 4th year of grads are right around the corner - that means 10% of the work force may have never even experienced working in an office.

  9. Craziest thing is that he's still going - he started noticeably declining like 7-8 years ago with Sacramento. Really not sure how he's held on this long - there are better players at this point getting less minutes all over the NBA.

  10. It's not like the little girl was selling weed directly outside her shop at a lower price. It was $2/bottle water at some random location on the street.

  11. He's somewhere in the 6-10 range and will get votes accordingly, maybe as high as 6 or 7. Not nearly a good enough record for Top 5.

  12. It's like a new nephew discovers how MVP awards work every day!

  13. No, I'd go with the guy who played for 80 years and won 80 rings averaging a 10-3-3 but had better defense.

  14. The Raptors have too much overlap at forward and have used Siakam as a primary ISO scorer. This leaves OG and Barnes with less usage time and leaves Achiuwa,Young, and Porter Jr as role players.

  15. Has anybody ever lead the league in FT% in a non-quiet manner?

  16. The one with the leash seemed to be greatly over reacting. Probably only made the situation worse.

  17. Yeah that looked like the dog just wanted to play and she was treating it like a lethal attack. Very weird reaction.

  18. Aldridge, Roy, and Oden probably win at least one ring together in their prime if they all stay healthy. Add Lillard to that mix and you have a potential all-time great team.

  19. I rebought Switch in anticipation of TotK and the only game worth buying that was published between Ody and now is MPR, a remaster of a GCN game…

  20. This sub is just so full of negativity, I wonder if people even like basketball in here.

  21. Too many people don't know how to handle differences in opinion anymore. It's all "if you don't see things my way, you are literally the fucking devil".

  22. No - scoring is up about 6% over Bird's 87-88 season. Bird averaging 30 back then would be more like 32 today, and that's before we account for the 3-ball, which probably adds about 3 more points for him assuming he takes 10 3's a game (which he would today).

  23. There's nothing you can do with American Cheese that you can't do with cheddar, swiss, or a wide variety of other much better tasting real cheeses.

  24. This is why the NBA has a problem. Healthy MVP candidates should absolutely not be sitting out back to backs. And that goes double for games against good teams.

  25. You say that, until the star of your favorite team has a freak injury on a B2B

  26. A freak injury can come at any time. Even in practice.

  27. His plan was The Boston TE Party v2; the issue was that Gronk & Hernandez were great because of talent, not scheme

  28. If Jonnu played to his potential they could have very much had a poor man's version of that offense. The scheme itself was super effective, because two very different styles of TE at the same time are incredible difficult to plan for.

  29. I mean we’re talking about a big “if” when we are talking about those two closing the talent gap on Gronk and Hernandez

  30. They'd never close that gap but if you get 2/3 of their production it's still a massive win. Particularly for an offense that desperately needed an identity coming off that wretched Cam Newton season.

  31. It's really as simple as "be healthy".

  32. Negative defender? Where do you pull that from? It wasn't his strength but he was average-ish at worst. He had size, athleticism, and super high BBIQ. A quick guard could burn him on the perimeter, sure, but he knew how to get to the right spots.

  33. 538 favourites maybe but almost no-one in the NBA fandom takes that seriously.

  34. They were 538 favorites, vegas odds favorites, and favorites to anyone actually paying attention as well.

  35. Light the damn beam but the Kings have the 27th ranked defense in the league. I think they definitely win in round 1 but I don’t see a path for them to make the finals.

  36. I think what OP means is that he was fairly disappointed by the enjoyed time in game to the actual size of the game ratio. I can relate too, I got bored after 30h and was really expecting much more, considering what the game claimed it was.

  37. Yeah I guess I just see it as you paid $30 or whatever for 30-40 hours of entertainment. That's a bargain. (Not to mention you can resell it for $20 if you bought a physical copy)

  38. Does 40 hours not seem like a reasonable amount of time to get out of a game?

  39. Yeah I’m really confused by that. 99% of games get boring in less than 40 hours. It’s a gem that stays fun enough to play for that many hours.

  40. Y’all realize that bakeries exist and are full of wonderful (often better) single servings of desserts, right?

  41. Is TS%'s 15 minutes of fame over yet?

  42. TS% isn’t a farce and currently is THE best way to measure efficiency as all it does is convert every scoring attempt into what someone’s percentage on 2’s would have to be to match that efficiency.

  43. It’s a farce in that “efficiency” is not nearly as important as people think.

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