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  1. 💥BAM!!💥 BUSTED!!💥I will chip in to buy that camera. 💵

  2. I believe this. We know turnover is high because of the amount of times they've advertised on that nanny site. Consider the source: a maniacal, half-wit, evil, drugged out mom, and an alcoholic, bloviating rage monster for the dad. That household must be like a war zone and I literally can't imagine being their employee, especially if you're young and attractive. Shudder to think!

  3. This is incredibly sad to me. Poor ML, she needs a mom that loves her and hugs her and tells her she’s beautiful. A mom that stares her in the eye and tells her how special and wonderful she is. Hillary, you are a monster to post this bullshit.

  4. the Tara Reid Lipo debacle doctor is still practicing

  5. So glad you reposted this! I always remember the Rafa pregnancy pics of her in all black, top and pants, in really high heels, walking across a city street with her hands in her pockets! She actually looked gaunt, and her posture was surprisingly vertical for someone almost full term. Plus it looked like she shoved a ball under her top. That’s a very damning photo IMO. I have to go search it out now.

  6. It’s like watching a meth head exercise. Her “moves” are always so jittery, so manic, so fast. It’s bizarre to watch and makes me uncomfortable. Nothing she does ever looks natural, from exercise to touching and weirdly stroking children and animals.

  7. It's the ED. Some other poster mentioned the term 'anorexia athletica' which means the person is always exercising or doing some kind of jumping around compulsively. She does this in so many of the videos, I can't imagine being around someone constantly doing this.

  8. Man, me neither. So disconcerting. One more reason to add to the pile of why I feel sorry for her kids. Being around that nervous energy all the time, I can’t even imagine.

  9. There is something very very off. Just watch her face right before she walks over to the other kid. She is mentally ill.

  10. Wow wow wow! I was so focused on Malibu slapping her I completely missed this. It’s chilling, no joke.

  11. She did that weird linebacker walk - the same one from the time on the talk show after demonstrating some “exercises” in heels and jeans 👠


  13. I believe she wore them when she was younger to correct a slight lazy eye and now she doesn’t need them anymore. She looks adorable in glasses!

  14. Oh I had no idea that’s how they corrected a lazy eye! Thanks for the info!

  15. Marilu hits her stomach pretty hard. If I was pregnant I would have pulled away from her. No way would I let a toddler smack my stomach. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Hillz doesn't even blink an eye! 🤣🤣 This is gold and I can't stop watching it. She didn't feel a thing! 🤣🤣🤣

  17. I’m not sure how I missed your post. I’ll delete mine.

  18. Ok. I have to sit down for a minute. This might be the craziest moonbump pic she has ever posted. That thing defies gravity. I’m sure that weight is rilly comfortable on someone that’s 7 months pregnant. Bladder? Never heard of her.

  19. That comment back to the person asking if she was driving drunk! I’ll tell you why LiLy oF tHe LaKE! Because she was photographed a minute before with a bottle of vodka in her car! I have to get off the internet today. Everyone is bonkers (except you Pepinos).

  20. Me too, not by my mom but by an older cousin. She like to hurt me and then run and tell the adults something was wrong, so she'd look like the valiant savior. She's as sick as Hillz to this day. We are estranged LOL 😂

  21. At this point I am certain most of what she posts is to get a rise out of this sub. Then her and the murderer can get a good laugh about how they are driving us into a frenzy.

  22. I believe that but it's at the expense of her children. What a cruel monster she is.

  23. Same! What is with all the sympathy for this reckless woman? I don't care that she suffers from alcoholism or mental illness. It doesn't excuse her from getting behind the wheel, loaded and driving 90 miles down a residential street. I hope she gets a decent jail sentence but given our overcrowding here, doubtful. Drunk drivers rilly piss me off.

  24. Hill naked but for her shitty leggings (heels covered), shaking the Baldwinito red towel. Drunk Alex on all fours, flaccid dick out, running like a Pamplona bull full force towards her, knocking himself out on the nightstand.

  25. 😂😂😂😂😂 at the photoshopped 6 pack!!! I remember a pepino commenting on this picture and they said her upper body looked like a linebacker. Cracked me up, I’ve never forgotten it!

  26. That crash was horrific! It’s haunted me for a couple days now. So many innocent people killed and I’m stunned that the driver survived.

  27. Yeah, this story she gave them is WAY out of bounds. IMO she should lose her job over this. No DA should be discussing any specifics of an ongoing investigation which involves the evidence. That article made me believe she will not file charges against him. I pray I'm wrong but it seems she was signaling where she's headed.

  28. What’s enraging about not being fat? Seriously, this is healthy, it’s YOGA. Sorry you are out of shape but women should work out till they give birth. Or not. I’m sure your husband finds your pooch rilly attractive

  29. Basically, some carnie with a glass eye and glaucoma in his other eye, told her the other day he knew she was having twins because her bump was sooooo huge.

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