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And then she said…

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Let's hope for some clap back from the Austin Powers and Kill Bill players and fans.

  2. Your problem here is you need it whole for grating.

  3. Agreed - she had a big stain from the gel on her glove in another picture. She is so fake.

  4. I thought the glove stain was from when she removed her finger from Haz's arsehole?

  5. When the video has no sound, there’s a good reason.

  6. And Mayo looking towards the Director at the end of the video, as if to say "Are we done now? No more takes, por favor!!"

  7. If someone, for example, is making fun of Carmen’s hair, it’s because her mother doesn’t take care of it. That is a reflection on Hillary, not Carmen. I don’t agree with calling the kids ugly or making fun of things that are beyond anyone’s control.

  8. Knowing that Septomom voraciously reads this sub, I think pepinos are deliberately taking digs at her when they comment on the kids. HB has a choice to post or not. When she took her break for a few weeks recently, the sub became very dull and would have eventually faded away (as we all moved on to the

  9. I read that the kids aren’t allowed to play in the garden. No plastic toys, etc, just wooden or fabric. They allegedly have 4 meals and 2 snacks a day, at least 7 changes of clothes, and washed. Followed around by nannies so they don’t hurt themselves. Now & again Mum or Papa appear, and then return to their day. Poor kids.

  10. And, of course, manners, manners, manners. Including being polite to Tree Mama and Tree Papa.

  11. Meanwhile, Beard Papa, aka the red-headed human "father figure," was somewhere else playing politely with his friends (but not the polo ponies).

  12. Or fixing the pipes in the house. Harry, who hasn't ever had to worry about home maintenance, even in thousand year old castles, is now walking around with a tool belt and muscle shirt?

  13. Apparently Mindy is going to be a guest on Meghan's podcast. I've always been on the fence about Mindy, some things about really annoy me (including the obnoxious and stereotypical portrayal of Indians when it comes to Kamala's storyline on NHIE). To hear that she will be a podcast guest is really disappointing.

  14. The way he looked at her was so adorable! I don’t think he’s ever looked at Meghan with as much love as he has for Catherine.

  15. What great friends they were. None of that looks fake. Think of what a big support he could be during this transition, and what a position from which to do a lot of good he abandoned.

  16. If the Duch was involved, everything would be scripted and she would be guiding Haz by touching him, grabbing him, pushing him. Nothing looks natural with MM. "Big smiles." The tear! The damn 1/4 inch tear under one eye only - that's in every single picture I see of her from the funeral. How did she stage manage that?

  17. Of course she has her t-shirt tucked into the front of her leggings, to show us her post-baby bod.

  18. Yup, she totally ambushed Leo's dance. Why try when mami is a professional dancer and can't let anyone else win? She's also trying to show us her post-baby bod.

  19. Other than Carmen and maybe Mayo, these kids don’t look like her at all. It’s very strange.

  20. Please Satan, let Aleeeek plant a few more bebes inside Larry - just for pepino fun!

  21. Jimmy was in sheepshead bay Brooklyn yesterday. He looked like he had so much filler on his face, he couldn’t open his eyes. I didn’t even recognize who he was because his whole face is so puffy.

  22. He's probably getting ready for the Meghan Markle interview - which had to be postponed for the royal mourning period.

  23. She has the same beady eyes as Aleeek and her sisters. Poor kid. How will the doting and appearance-obsessed parents afford all the plastic surgery required for these daughters? I bet HB has already covertly consulted a specialist about Carmen - "asking for a friend."

  24. Once you've effed the environment by spawning seven times, what's a few paper cups between pepinos? However, as a frugal person, I look at those cups and think, how can anyone afford to buy their toddlers fancy drinks? Aren't expensive lattes for people who toil 9-5 and need a once-in-a-while treat? This whole family. Disgusting.

  25. I saw it live (on my iPad, thanks BBC live stream!).

  26. No kidding. It was so weird. She could have shaken at least 10 hands in the time it took for that hug. She is soooo deliberate and strategic. No wonder the real royals and the courtiers disliked her. All for show, that one. I wonder if, before Megxit, MM tried to advise the other royals on how to get the best public relations impact in the shortest period of time when doing walkabouts. "Like, guys, then we can shorten the unpaid walkabouts, because the media will have the best shots already, so there'd be no point in continuing. Papa Charles? Gan Gan? What do you say?"

  27. Lol she reminds me of my relative. Whenever I saw that person, I'd get scared and look for my mom. That person turned out to be a creep 🥶

  28. Like her weird behaviour shushing the kids at the Jubilee. In that case, she was really lucky those kids didn't go running screaming away from her!

  29. Maybe that’s nutmeg’s letter in the red box, no. Guess not.

  30. I thought Tyler was gay!! Is he not? Although that might not deter the Duch.

  31. Now you have me browsing the Fortum and Mason website. I always look at the Christmas hampers but could never bring myself to spend £2500 on a wicker basket full of wine!!

  32. Welp, if your were a certain Duch, you'd figure out how to get it comped! Good luck, dear Soggy...

  33. Same coat for Kate but are you sure this wasn’t a different event? At the F&M visit, Kate wasn’t wearing a hat and HMTQ had black gloves, gold buttons on her jacket, and no flower on her hat. Remarkably similar though!

  34. Thanks, good call! I've added an edit to my original comment. Surprised KM would wear such a distinct outfit within such a short time period! Thanks again.

  35. Um ... you mean the Blandwinitos, n'est pas? Or perhaps the Blandwinistas? How you say in English, I can't keep their pseudonyms straight?

  36. I wish we could fast forward to the season where all the kids are spoiled, angry, rebellious teenagers 🍿🫖

  37. Me too! I think Carmen is being fast tracked in that direction. Ordinary tween girls can be absolutely miserable to deal with - even if - or maybe especially if - they are daddy's faves. (I wanna make a movie with this one.)

  38. Interesting that you say this, OP: "I started losing interest with her break." I too lost interest and was grateful for doing so. Hilary whines so much about the negative attention she gets, but she fails to realize that simply by quitting posting about her miserable baby-laden life, people would have nothing to criticize and would quickly lose interest. Hilary, if you're reading this, just stop gramming. You will have more peace than you ever imagined possible - as will we pepinos. BTW, if you count Aleeek's first spawn, HB is the new Octomom and Aleeek is Octodad. What pathetic claims to fame.

  39. I have no idea what’s going on with the tear, but I’ve never seen anyone with a tear in one eye and the other one seemingly dry!

  40. I know, right? And as mehpeach says in the comments, "Real tears would be thin streams and the eyes would look red and at least slightly swollen." Not a single red vein showing in the white of her eye.

  41. I think Jill Biden is a beautiful woman ... but ... her hair just always looks like awful - to me. I think she would look better toning down the yellow and letting herself go gray. Also, instead of the messy bed-head look, how about a nice neat bun for events like this.

  42. Trudeau and Sophie were gripping hands also. She only comes out for very special events. Rumour is they are not together.

  43. Sophie is not looking too good these days. Perimenopause? Stress from Justin's continuous gaffes? Kids becoming teenagers? Pending separation?

  44. #9 - the Prince and Princess of Wales - one gentle touch on William's back from Catherine, evoking such care and compassion. She literally and figuratively has his back. How does the Duch not see the contrast and think "...erm, maybe H and I should dial back the PDAs from now on?"

  45. I've replayed a number of times the last couple of minutes of the walkabout, where William speaks to the other three, probably calling it quits and suggesting one final wave. She honestly looks so ODD! I'm sure she is acting, pretending her shy innocent act. Then after William's instructions, she does a weird jerky wave or two, then a big pause while she pulls her hair from behind her back on to her shoulder - like she's getting ready for the director to call "action", then some more odd jerky hand movements. Then the weird jerkiness between her and Hairy as he "helps" her into the car. At one point it almost looks like she reaches out for his hand for comfort. I can't stop re-watching this. It is so bizarre. And the stupid big hair lift! And if you go on Jessica M's IG, you'll see that same day she posted a pic of herself strutting down a sidewalk and doing the exact same "pulling hair from the back around to one shoulder" move. Again with the stupid big hair lift. Sinners, please discuss. I'm obsessed!

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