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AITA for putting a lock on my sons bedroom door?

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  1. Homeschooling is fun and allows for much more flexibility - in a typical school day, soooo much time is wasted, particularly in elementary where most kids would be better off playing outside for part of the day! I was homeschooled grades 1-8. High school gets trickier - many students do well going to high school or becoming actively involved in a trade or out of the home something in high school if still homeschooled. Most kids I know who are homeschooled have TONS of free time to spend with friends and are well socialized.

  2. My parents did this (they didn’t add us to their policy), never any issues. But we kids (girls) were fairly confident, safe drivers and lived in a rural area and weren’t the primary drivers. Thankfully, no accidents and no issues. Speeding tickets etc never caused any issues - as long as the car was insured, no one questioned anything else. We were added to their policy once we got our own car and started driving more.

  3. She only works part time? Is this 10 hours a week, 30 hours a week, etc? That changes things!

  4. Because they’re all corrupt and have money and fame to get them out of it, so the case drags on. It’s ridiculous how corrupt the whole thing is.

  5. Eating cheap but not necessarily healthy if you eat them at the same time. Those tortillas are like 300 cals. I’d skip the tortillas all together and just eat the bowl as intended without all the extra calories/carbs. Or use your own smaller tortillas as home.

  6. Those bowls are always at least 2 meals for me, even without the extras!

  7. Intelligence and hearing about your passions is attractive; lack of social awareness and going on and on about abstract topics if we’re not that interested isn’t attractive. Ask questions - don’t just talk about yourself/your passions

  8. Effort is extremely attractive in todays dating world (and it really doesn’t take much effort to impress)

  9. Make bowls instead of tacos - like chipotle at home (rice or salad, beef or chicken, toppings).

  10. I think grits are really underrated. They can go sweet or savory and are as good as a dinner side as they are for breakfast.

  11. I like grits with some cheese mixed in and jalapeños… super cheap and filling

  12. Looking at these answers, no wonder so many people on Reddit are single

  13. Look into her eyes - get closer - if she cringes or turns away, she’s not interested. If she gets closer or doesn’t turn away, she’s interested - go for it! Lots of different ways - you can start with moving closer and then going for a single kiss on the dance floor. Then a bit later, go in for another kiss. If she turns away or makes it seem awkward, then back off - she’s not interested. Orrrrr you can lead her to a quieter area, sit down, stare into her eyes, and again if she doesn’t turn away, she’s interested - go for it! Just move slowly and look in her eyes

  14. This is a sub. To be fair, it’s overwhelming as a sub to figure out what’s happening and usually you’re not told who has IEPs and you can get super defensive because kids try everything with you. BUT, if it was a normal teacher, then take this action. More effectively, push for subs to be told more information about cerebral palsy and students who have it.

  15. Southwest doesn’t care generally since bags fly free anyways!

  16. I don’t get a new card unless there’s a spending bonus that I know I can hit with normal spending (and pay off)… for example, some cards give $300 if you spend $x within the first few months or other cards give a certain number of points if you open them - keep your eye out for these kinds of deals

  17. Absolutely. Haven’t even moved out of my folks’ home yet and to be honest I don’t even know how I’d afford to if I did it right now. I make $19 an hour at a job I can’t stand and work 6 days a week to pay back student loans (~$400/month). Went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $90 so I can prepare ONE meal for my family. Gas prices are insane, and I drive around in an ‘03 Corolla. My family probably still thinks I’m lazy or stupid for not being able to figure this stuff out by now.

  18. No, I don’t, but I also don’t go through and delete friends ever (or rarely ever) soooo 🤷🏼‍♀️

  19. Yes! Lots of healthy foods don’t have to be expensive. Eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, veggie wraps (tortilla with veggies & dressing), chop up meat and put on a salad or add rice rather than making it your main dish, etc. I try to stay away from recipes with more than a few ingredients (unless I already have them) because it gets $$$.

  20. This sounds horrible. No thanks. I hate matching stuff… generally way too expensive for something I don’t even want and unflattering

  21. You don’t need a good credit score unless you want to apply for a loan or credit card or type of debt. Since most Americans are in debt, this affects them, but if you pay with cash doesn’t matter. As far as overdraft fees they only apply if you try to spend money you don’t have….

  22. I once lived with a family who had a very busy house (lots of neighbors, friends, in and out) and they had a house rule that you had to knock and get permission before entering a bedroom, even if the door was open (they also put these little curtain things over the bedroom doorways to remind everyone bedrooms are private). I appreciated that.

  23. Nope, nope, nope. There’s lotsa people with money who are not in a good place. Buttttt using money wisely can bring happiness - and making sure your income exceeds your expenses relieves a lot of stress!

  24. Just laugh together. Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun. If it’s going well, have a plan for after (a walk, ice cream, a drink, something simple but to prolong the date if you both want to). Mini golf is great as a fun date!

  25. 1 trip 2 carts. You eat, shop for, and pay for your own stuff.

  26. I’d do 1 trip 2 carts and just take turns for shared items - milk goes in her cart, bread goes in his cart (since those are prob both shared and similar in cost) etc. anything that’s just yours, put your initials on with a sharpie once you get home!

  27. I don’t think any of this is the end of the world. I’ve gone on dates where we also went on errands together and thought it was kinda cute (since I want someone to do life with not just date formally). I’d give him a couple more dates and see if you’re into him as a person, without focusing on what you think a “perfect” date should look like.

  28. With online dating especially, we’ll match and talk for a bit and then they stop talking to me quickly and I think it’s because they realize only after talking to me I’m very orthodox (not Eastern Orthodox) in my Christian views. Like did you even read my bio, bruh? Because if they did, they wouldn’t have matched/liked me if they didn’t share my views.

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