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  1. Thrown away script. Inoue wrote an ultra serious script to close out decade's story and Toei was like, no, Crossover

  2. The evil version of him loses to everyone on the tierlist

  3. He got that move from devil jins flying stance probably

  4. Den O is a show about time and memory. Every monster of the week is the personification of people's wish that were made by their regrets or memories. This monster of the week formula made me very hooked because the side characters were very interesting to watch and some what emotional. Ryotaro was the first main character to be weak and wasn't up to the hero role, but he still took the role because of the imagins and the den liner. He's our self insert where we don't have the strength to fight, but we build the strength with the help of friends. Just like Yuuto, he didn't accept the role as a hero, but he still did but with a price (spoilers). With all these three things in mind, we learn that every action and every wish has its price. We learn that a wish to be granted needs a price, to fight monsters even though you're weak has a price, and saving your past self needs a price. I think it's obvious to say the characters are likable, but I want to stress that the message the show gives is just as good as the characters we see. Even though the show lacks the main antagonist (which is the downside), I think the show is very fun to watch

  5. Decade ending is ok, but the whole show was a mess and has a lot of unanswered questions.

  6. yes like we don't know who narutaki is or why Kaito is running around (which hopefully may be answered in outsiders)

  7. Fun fact for Tokusatsu fans, she voiced for Zenkaiger equipments!

  8. What are you, president of his fan club??

  9. Then I am not surprised to see Lucky Chloe up there

  10. Decade after Amazon world, he travels to more showa A.U worlds. Apollogeist recruits enemies from Showa worlds. I did not watch any showa riders but something about the showa riders should change just like the world of Amazon or black/black rx where the world or the mc changes. Original universes of heisei riders (like kenzaki) attempts to beat Decade. This is a build up to make the rider war more tragic.

  11. I think people miss the point that the whole point of Putotyra being the final form is supposed to be his final "desperation." It's supposed to be invincible as seen as the form being able to kill Kazari and his weapon killing Mezool, even though losing to professor Maki. However the point is that it's the final desperation as seen in the last half of OOO. Tajador is the resemblance form to resemble Eijis friendship with Ankh and his humanity. On the contrary, Eiji's putotyra form is supposed to sacrifice his humanity in order to protect others as seen Eiji slowly turning into a greed. There are evidences supporting the case that putotyra is the final form, but in my opinion you have to watch the show in order to understand why putotyra is the final form aka final "desperation." Also super tatoba was seen twice not including video games.

  12. By final desperation I mean is that Eiji consistently lost his battles in the last half of the show so in turn he used his trump card the putotyra form to demolish his enemies. He and others almost died due to medals being stolen or the yummies and greeds beating Eiji. Putotyra being said the invincible wiped out everyone, in turn it sacrificed his humanity and turned him into greed almost killing the people he was supposed to protect. Even Tajador couldn't beat the greeds until Putotyra form was used. Another thing is putoyra was uncontrollable, at desperate times Eiji would either give in to the uncontrollable desire or voluntarily use it which costed his humanity.

  13. In short, you have to know the reasons why Putotyra is the final form. Sure Tajador may be the final form because of Ankh, but I'd argue putotyra should be the final form because of the reasons why Putotyra exists.

  14. Tsukasa after the TV show journey ended, goes to alternate universes of showa, neo heisei, reiwa, garo (proven?), sentai, and metal heroes.

  15. Oh no worries at all. The main reason i posted this was so i could hear alot of the best kamen rider songs people had to offer. So thank you for helping :3

  16. This song gave birth to one of my favorite King gnu song!

  17. That starbucks is my favorite because of this one funny story.

  18. I began my rank journey this year probably early 2022 but now I just got juggernaut so that's a good progress. Even though my tekken hours are 530 hours in total 70% of the hours are put into making combos in practice lol.

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