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  1. Lol tf? Queer is literally just a word used to describe someone who is lgbt, calm down

  2. As Thanos showed?? You know it wasn't a documentary right?

  3. No, personally I love the word queer. I feel like it's all-encompassing and does a better job at defining what I am than even 'gay' does sometimes. I think all labels are kind of BS anyway, but queer just means 'not straight' imo, so it can be interpreted in a lot of different ways but still is a good summation of everything.

  4. It's creepy when straight women try to convert a gay man.

  5. True. Businesses by their very nature are designed to maximize a profit. The government makes money through taxes.

  6. No, they should slash budgets and cut costs where needed (where, of course, is up for debate.)

  7. Considering how many gay people are obsessed with masc4masc, still doubtful.

  8. You’re just arguing to argue bro lmao, straight guys are more masculine on average than gay guys. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that

  9. I think it's called the University of Spoiled Children because of the kids who go here, not because of the steep tuition bill. It's no secret that a lot of kids here are very entitled and come from ridiculous swaths of money. And the culture/structure around USC's strengths as a university (as other people have explained in detail) attract the ultra-elite, not your average college kid. Not hatin', but it's just the way it is.

  10. But isn’t Harvard, Yale, or even Stanford the same? Most of the people I know who go to these schools also came from expensive private schools with a background of money.

  11. Yeah but we're in LA, the culture here is a lot more vapid than the north east and San Fran. I think people look at the school, then look at the city it's in, and conclude that we're all just a bunch of Hollywood nepos

  12. In this hypothetical universe, Arisa should have her own Lincoln Memorial, overlooking the lake of all failed HG's dreams. "You can and you will" will be etched across the marble pillars

  13. Hey guys, is this season worth jumping into? Haven't watched BBCan since season 6 when the budget slashes just kinda ruined the show for me (no shade i love bbcan)

  14. Might get downvoted for this but the problem isn't straight men. It's just men. Pedophilia is just as much of a problem in the gay community.

  15. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since CAN5. Didn’t know I’d go from rooting for them to win HOH every week to rooting for them to spend the rest of their lives together😭😭😭❤️

  16. I would love to be included in the interview! Feel free to DM me

  17. Because he's just being unreasonably prudish. He'll love it once you tongue fuck him.

  18. ew wtf is wrong with you? Not everyone is into the things you are, and no means NO.

  19. nahhh, boring would be spending your life as a professional reddit troll. you do you tho

  20. I'm trying to get my headshots taken (basic, I know) and I was wondering if anyone knows a good resource for finding a good and relatively cheap photographer. It doesn't have to be someone well known in the biz, literally just anyone with a decent camera who can help me take photos to bring to a modeling agency. Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

  21. Pedophilia is rampant in the gay community but so many delude themselves into thinking it’s not.

  22. No more proportionally than the straight community.

  23. Not really, I just think it's a very random rule of thumb for when a relationship is wrong or not. I don't think 18 year olds are babies to tell them who they should be having sex or not

  24. Again—never said 18 year olds are babies, nor should they not be considered adults. I think my point has gone entirely over your head, as that “rule of thumb” was more of an example and less of a, well, rule of thumb.

  25. Not really, it's a nice read but the film showed us that with only one sentence "Anakin is the father isn't he". Which was a 1000x better way to reveal Obi-Wan had known all along than a whole paragraph of exposition that didn't give us anything new.

  26. I disagree. The “isn’t he?” at the end and Ewan’s delivery of the line makes it feel like he’s not entirely sure, when obviously he would know without a shred of doubt.

  27. Social media. It's free, but it isn't really, because surprise... you're the product. Advertisers are the customers.

  28. The killing of billions of animals every year just to feed our ever growing world population.

  29. Surprised no one has said The Last of Us yet. Ignoring the sequel, the original is a masterpiece.

  30. Working at Louis Vuitton. I'm super into fashion so I thought I would love it, but working in a luxury retail store in the middle of the pandemic turned out to be a nightmare. People felt entitled to treat you however they wanted to because of their perceived worth as luxury customers. Couple that with a cap of ~fifty people in the store at any given time and you've got a really, really angry crowd outside just waiting to find someone to chew out.

  31. Do NOT use your turn signals when driving in Los Angeles. It gives other drivers the impression you're willing to negotiate.

  32. We need more negotiation in LA--most drivers here are assholes. Plus you can use your blinker and still be assertive.

  33. If your car has LED headlights, you're going to hell and I hate you.

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