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  1. Youre Bootlooping mate. FireWire or your drive‘s gone.

  2. Try a FireWire charger first, especially if you bought it recently or it hasn’t been charged in a while.

  3. where could i get a replacements for that price?

  4. stop playing games like roblox that don't give 2 shits what happens on their platform.

  5. Bruh you serious? Guess there is a such thing as a stupid question. Very annoyed this got enough up via that it notified me.

  6. yeah I have no idea why this has more than -6 upvotes.

  7. If you get into a car and you don’t already have it, it tells you to bring it to a stronghold.

  8. You go to the stronghold go next to your car and press T

  9. i know but how do i know what cars i have while in the wasteland?

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