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  1. I grew up in a mostly rural part of the United States and moved to LA right before high school

  2. Fucking weird how nobody ever seems to bring this up with the hair style and nickname I thought I would see it more but this is the 1st time I've seen someone mention it lol as a big fan of the gow games its cool to see

  3. His nickname is literally God of War lmao I don’t think he’s trying to be subtle with it

  4. Reyes went from uncrowned champ with the absolute ideal scenario (Jones leaving) to two of the most gruesome KOs I've ever seen in a fight not involving Luke Rockhold. Poor guy. I hope he's made some good money after those two losses and comes back strong.

  5. I dont think they’ll be rebooting anytime soon MCU its at peak rn and will only reboot when the popularity goes to shit which prolly won’t be anytime soon

  6. Nah it’s not at its peak. It peaked with Infinity War/Endgame, and I really doubt they’ll be able to capture the same essence ever again unless they do a full reboot

  7. It for sure peaked with Infinity/Endgame. I mean, it was DESIGNED to peak at those movies.

  8. I loved multiverse of madness and its tight narrative, but like everyone else I was hoping for some kinda indication at what the next big bad will be

  9. would i be getting a complete story with green lantern vol 1 -3 or is there any other outside reading needed?

  10. awesome! thank you, i was asking cause i think i read somewhere between one of the omnibus id need to read blackest night or something like

  11. While Mordin’s combat abilities are tech, his backstory is a scientist/doctor. You first see him saving people in a clinic. He sang a song about being a scientist Salarian.

  12. For the LE, you’ve also got Kasumi. A master thief who’s had to pick a number of sci-fi locks only God knows the number of

  13. Niceee! I think that’s going to be my starting point for GL. I haven’t read a GL comic before but I know that this is one of the best runs for the character

  14. To be fair, having lots of people sick during finals and possibly missing them is not ideal.

  15. This has gotta be the most comic accurate superhero suit I've ever seen, what the heck?

  16. It was super cool to see this if you’re familiar with that graphic novel. It felt like the movie was aimed at me, like I was in on the joke so to speak, while casual audience members won’t know or care for this detail.

  17. It’s barely a 3-4 minute opening and you’re crying about it being unnecessary when Batman Begins spent the first quarter establishing Bruce’s trauma with their death lol. Come in be even

  18. They’re all on DC Universe infinite (with the exception of maybe one or two runs? I don’t believe Batman The Adventures continue are in there but I could be wrong)

  19. Agreed on everything you said. Rogue one was so fucking good though

  20. Rogue one is actually pretty meh with a literally perfect third act that convinced people it’s great

  21. Thank you! I’ve been saying this to my friends ever since seeing it. It’s like they’re blinded by the corridor fight at the end and forget how boring the first like hour of the film is.

  22. My challenge for everyone is to see if you can name each character that’s on the suicide squad immediately after you finish the movie

  23. I’m thinking most likely “Star Man” by David Bowie, but maybe “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue Swede or even the Knight Rider theme song

  24. Imo their latest match wasn't great but wasn't bad either. It wasn't some barn burner but it felt like a Goldberg match (the one at WM33 in particular) which most people loved. I will admit I was hoping for more though, but I'm not disappointed if that makes sense

  25. They’ve had enough bad matches, with their Mania 31 being a complete fluke, that anything even decent Id be happy with

  26. Yep it was after. I assume it was because of the change of the finish.

  27. What was the change? Was Roman originally supposed to go over or was Brock just pissed that they stunk the joint out (I was in the crowd for that one, awful)

  28. Thanks, wasn't sure, appreciate the reply.

  29. To add further, the KOTOR series are not just the best Star Wars games, but also among some of the best RPGs of all time, even outside of the Star Wars genre.

  30. One of the proudest days of my life. I was a part of the movement from the very beginning. We shed a lot of tears and were prepared to shed blood and sweat, but thankfully it didn't come to that. I look forward to sharing and experiencing the Snyder Cut with my children.

  31. I honestly thought a lot of the gore and violence was a bit pornographic, in the sense that it happened just for the sake of happening

  32. Yes. For me the most divisive topic is the ending of ME3. EVERYDAY I come here and there's "DESTROY BAD", "SYNTHESIS BAD"

  33. The moment someone mentions synthesis there’s suddenly paragraphs upon paragraphs written

  34. Thanks it's just good to hear a reasonable opinion and not just "it's a bad game"... so thanks for that :)

  35. I actually just started my first playthrough of it about a week ago and so far I’m enjoying it.

  36. It’s definitely an enjoyable game if you go into it expecting something that’s several steps down from the OT

  37. The New Teen Titans, X-Men and Justice League were the biggest team up groups in comics. Avengers never had the writing to keep up with the rest

  38. The last expansion was quit lacking in terms of content and reworked a lot of beloved thing in the game to replace them with, according to many, subpar version of said system. One example of this being the new interface.

  39. Unrelated but for some reason I’m annoyed that they used a photoshopped picture of King Washington from Assassin’s Creed 3’s DLC for the album cover to kingdom

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