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  1. Plenty of old folk move into hotels in Spain etc for the winter. Given the price of heating, it may well make economic sense.

  2. Is that easy anymore given Brexit? How long can Brits stay in Spain?

  3. I'm an American without much knowledge of the troubles but it seems like the people who were against Union boycotted it. It might have gotten majority support but nowhere near 99% if they had voted

  4. As an American I think it's cause we have movies instead

  5. Weird, I always assumed they were an American thing that we copied. I certainly remember their being "Holiday specials" mentioned before I really knew what a "Holiday special" actually was.

  6. Holiday episodes are part of the show and often not much different then the rest of the show.

  7. I’ve had what Texans assured me was “good BBQ” and hated it. Maybe Texans need to accept that not everyone likes their national dish

  8. BBQ isn't just a Texas thing there's several different prominent regional styles that feature different meats, preparation, and rubs/sauces

  9. Yeah to be fair, vacuum cleaning just doesn't sound right coming out my mouth. Always gonna be a hoover. Any other examples?


  11. I thought you were serious lol, I had to look it up. Looks like they’re basically the same as basketball shorts, but they have a different name so stores can get you to buy a second pair of shorts.

  12. Now I can't tell if you're being serious

  13. Your link goes to boxer shorts, but when I Google “lacrosse shorts,” I see athletic shorts.

  14. Ok I might be getting whooshed but just in case

  15. Their judging panel is still a bit of joke to me, considering the AOTY vote is a 70:30 judges to fan vote split. Like you can't be having youtubers and podcasters having such a say in your award and then expect people to hold it to any sort of legitimacy, unless they had some professional background, which they don't.

  16. Why not? Is the fan vote percentage too high? There aren't many professional critics of anime outside of YouTube and podcasts. Most western newspapers don't review much anime, maybe the biggest films. I suppose they could bring in some dub actors and professors

  17. That's not true. They were close to a 2 state solution in the 90s until a right wing terrorist assassinated Yizhak Rabin and Israel basically has been electing right wing reactionary governments since. Unless Israeli voters vote for peace, a 2 state solution is unfortunately off the table.

  18. There were 2 peace offers after that


  20. Pizzagate is a false conspiracy theory, it's probably fairly anti-semitic many if not most conspiracy theories are (I haven't looked in detail) Gaetz is almost certainly guilty given the evidence that has been made public, such as him making Venmo payments to sleep with underage girls

  21. I've been to almost every country in the world and the service here is easily one of the worst.

  22. How does it compare to service in Chile?

  23. No switching the lighbulbs during shabbos though

  24. Pad Thai is not some historically iconic dish that has become a national dish through ubiquity but rather was invented in the 1930s by the prime minister to try and create a singular Thai national identity and the Thai government uses food as a form of diplomacy and/or propaganda.

  25. Pad Thai is a historic* and iconic dish that was invented in the 1930s

  26. So pad Thai is about as traditionally Thai as spam is for England?

  27. More like Spam in Hawaii maybe?

  28. My understanding is that some Asian (ie south Asian) voters voted for Brexit for more immigration from the Indian subcontinent instead of Europe. Although more white voters voted for Brexit against immigration

  29. Yes, you have a point that adhering to Minsk 2 would have prevented that invasion, while now it's the bare minimum and Ukraine will have to concede more than what they conceded in Minsk. Hindsight indeed is 20/20.

  30. But acting as only a mediator sends the signal that they're not just puppets.

  31. Yup I know. I'm not from the US. Although there are clear benefits of merging Hulu and Disney+ even for other territories. It's highly likely that release windows will become more cohesive globally as there will be one team of people in charge of releasing most of the content.

  32. I'd say it's better to seperate them. Maybe have one one app but seperate subsections with very different contrasting branding and seperate release teams

  33. Two teams means double the operational costs. Why would any company do that?

  34. To make them more distinct and to focus on different content

  35. And Martin's publisher would have paid for an army of uncredited ghostwriters back when the show was still on. ASOIAF is actually a Greek tragedy about having too much hubris to delegate or accept any form of help.

  36. I don't think Martin wants any Ghost riders

  37. yeah but they probably don't have access to the metrics from netflix viewers.

  38. That's why Neilsen counts streaming as well

  39. If Del Toro is serving up KoolAid, I'm drinkin.

  40. They welded all our storm drains closed and hired a Native American elder to cleanse and re-sanctify the graveyard.

  41. I think we actually got some footage of the cleansing ceremony

  42. Me Parks and Rec or both?

  43. People on the web tend to assume if X is going on in one state, that it happens in all states. No, just because Texas is having problems with its power grid and California is going through a severe drought and wild-fire risk does not mean I will worry about it here in the Northeast. This also applies to laws- we are 50 states united under a Federal governments. Each state has a lot of power and in fact, the Federal government derives its power from the states, not the other way around.

  44. I am curious how succession would work.

  45. Putin is so weirdly overly ambitious. I get he has demographic problems. But why not shoot for a more realistic five? Very few people would go for ten, regardless of any award.

  46. In the 1920s/30s a trolling Canadian millionaire left a good part of his will to the woman who could have the most babies in 5he decade after he passed

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