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  1. If by soon you mean now, it's out!

  2. Yes, 90% off for the individual games in other regions, but the Trinity bundle is not on sale.

  3. Right, sorry, I should have been more clear. I was just making the point that you could buy the 3 items individually from the AUS store for 90% off as opposed to the trinity pack which is currently still at full price for us.

  4. Yes, I think the other regions may get that Trinity discount in the next sale.

  5. No need to cancel, just add 12 months Essential to the existing sub. Then you can upgrade to Extra or Deluxe at 35% off for 13 months (remaining duration).

  6. Thanks a lot, I probably won't wait and will just get it before the 9/10th. I want it now so waiting for another sale isn't worth it I guess.

  7. Yes, I missed out on the Black Friday sale and the price was pretty much similar to what I just paid this time.

  8. If you are on a lower tier or without PS Plus, you can purchase and play the games.

  9. When’s it available? I bought it back in 2019 so I do own the digital copy

  10. It's already available on the store, released yesterday. Check for Cities Skyline Remastered on the store.

  11. Is this only Available for US citizens?

  12. I don't think so. It's showing up here in the PS Store in India, which follows the European stores.

  13. God of War Ragnarök Game Trial - ( for PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe members) Starting February 15

  14. The Forgotten City, Ace Combat 7, Tekken 7 are all games I was waiting to get as monthly free games. What a terrific month!

  15. Konami just released a new WBSC eBASEBALL: POWER PROS game which is available on the store for $0.99.

  16. The only problem with this page is that it is updated very late with the new monthly games. The Subscriptions tab will show the latest banner on top but this page will still display the old games.

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