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  1. I mean, that's kinda the point of the mode. I get he's disappointed with the boss kill event taking place in ruthless and in that context it makes sense. But 'ruthless gear is bad' should be a given

  2. It was well overdue. For such a long time EVERYONE ran molten shell, even casters with little armour. It was the outlier, so it got nerfed.

  3. Lol the issue isn't how pretty she is or isn't. It's the fact that she looks like she's in her early 20's when she's in her 40's.

  4. If it works online, it's unironically a huge deal. Bamco plz

  5. I just hope the models are not just the same one copypasted and we're good. But it would be fun to have some variety.

  6. How so? I'm not saying anything negative about devs? The league will probably have a lot of really great things in it and the league mechanic looks fun, so does a lot of other changes. I'm super dissapointed about the ruthless race and the fact that it seems to be getting more priority than was previously specified and I don't like the racing changes. So i will be critical of things I don't like and positive about the things I do like, wheres the hypocrisy?

  7. People always take statements out of context, especially when you have a bigger platform. Just do your thing, as long as you're not toxic, only a small minority will talk shit about it.

  8. This will sound like shear lunacy, but I think GGG should just standardize auras to allow any build to pick 2 + a lesser “herald” or equivalent without investment or reservation. Just a max effect limit. An ascendancy can add a +1 limit or something.

  9. reservation was a mistake. I think the auras have to get a different system, it's not good that mana exists to be reserved and nothing else. Most builds use lifetap or EB specifically because of reservation, it's a limiting design that has to be replaced.

  10. And 12% mana reservation efficiency is back, found on the mana mastery (which is fairly widely accessible). The flat accuracy mastery is also decent. It's rough, but it's not the end of the world.

  11. try fitting it into any build that doest care about mana, which is most of the good ones. Still a nerf if I have to path there while using EB or lifetap.

  12. If "my build got hurt" is your concern, then link it. Link me a build (other than Poison Concoction, big L for them) that was killed by the patch notes. I'll update it, keeping the budget as close to the original as possible.

  13. Tell that to anyone playing RF. Fire multi on mastery is removed, Vitality reservation on life mastery also helped early on, Determination mastery is gone, general reservation efficiency requires taking a mana node as well. Now take Pohx's build and make it work

  14. You don’t need anything fancy right off the bat, but I would be careful with brewing times and temperatures.

  15. can't stress this enough - a simple thermometer and strainer make a HUGE difference

  16. "hey, I know you started a literal world war, but please notice me"

  17. Man, most AAA games are a shitshow. I wonder how long they can keep the prices and the scope of the games as it is now before most of their playerbase goes to free or indie games.

  18. Damn, she looks great. Surprised we didn't see any heat engagers from AoP

  19. Do I understand this correctly? The format is that they answer patreon questions...while a replay is playing in the background? If so, I'm not sure I get the point. It's just a regular Q&A over some SC2 footage. Or am I misunderstanding this?

  20. All of their cast didn't really focus on the games that much anyway. We were there for the banter for the most part, it's pretty much the same thing.

  21. Imagine the Templar’s woman neck..

  22. The animations were made by Mike Inel, you can find them easily via Google

  23. Yes, but the manga is still being written so we're a little unclear of how this is gonna be handled cuz as of right now there really isnt enough for the full 25 episodes.

  24. Maybe it's gonna be the AoT situation with Final Season Part 3/4 This Time For Sure Final Version ™

  25. Quit the game in 2018 because every match was toxic and people were trolls then started playing again a couple months ago mostly had good games of people just wanting to play and win. Now since the cs2 announcement and streamers doing unboxing videos again it brought back all the trolls my last 6 matches have been people just coming back yelling and trolling the whole match

  26. I stopped playing any game that requires teamwork specifically because of this. Now I only play solo PvP or single player games and lemme tell ya, it's way more enjoyable.

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