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This $10 salad I paid for at a restaurant

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  1. almost anywhere you go, the other employees always say that. Every place I worked at , my coworkers cannot stop shit talking the place. But it wasn't even that bad, they just like to complain

  2. If you truly want to add one drop of honey to make a food edible, you should. Its good to enjoy it in a very small amount. I'm sugar free 90% of the time, which allows me to not feel guilty if i choose to measure out a teaspoon of honey into my yogurt or oatmeal.

  3. please update us with a picture of you outside in the light. Not sure why you're hidden in a dark room.

  4. he was trying to get your full name, or he just did it to get a five star rating and a good tip

  5. If he's rushing marriage and it's making you uncomfortable, do not go through with it. Signing those papers and committing to a real marriage isn't something to rush at your age. His intentions might be influenced by sex, and that's not how you want to start a life together. Make him wait and see if he stays around. Keep asking yourself if this is the man you love and want a future with.

  6. The eggs are already in the rice you buy. You can prevent them from hatching by placing the rice into the freezer for a couple of days. This kills the eggs and you won’t get an infestation. Same thing with most dry goods like flour and other grains.

  7. no wonder I've been noticing these strange little bugs recently...I was wondering why they showed up all of a sudden. I usually buy the bulk rice, guess not anymore 😅

  8. just your landlord being cheap lol probably gonna replace them with a worse pair. They like to swap appliances from time to time

  9. thats why I don't open the app unless im about to buy a good amount of food, those fees aren't worth small orders.

  10. i would guarantee close to a hundred calories for each wing, considering the sauce and potential oils/fats in it. The chicken itself is pretty low calorie , just gotta try and estimate the sauce/breading

  11. Sidhu Moose Wala , top of his game, fresh in the scene but died way too soon 🙏🏻😔

  12. unless you're making efforts to accomplish that goal, than no, the odds are not in your favor.

  13. Was it a cultural themed place? A lot of countries serve drinks in bags like that, not uncommon. That's a fancy version of them, usually its just plastic wrap with a rubberband

  14. company failed me too, they are so inconsiderate of their customers. I went months without any problems with my trays fitting but as soon as I did, they completely gave up on me. every call was painful and a runaround, also being rude as well not believing my trays weren't fitting. they had me go through so many lengths to prove to them I needed fitting trays....I eventually never got the right ones n decided to let them go. very bad company, good product but terrible process.

  15. lol once you get robbed its hard to be comfortable again 😂 dude is paranoid as hellll

  16. this specific photo has been used on eating disorder Tumblr/twitter. Its a common pic to describe their addiction to caffeine and to be thin. If anyone is truly offended by it, then its probably tied to that subject. Ive seen this image so many times in that context

  17. I'm a supplement fiend too. I love all the bottles, the feeling when you take "good" things is a nice thrill. But had to cut back to weekly/monthly instead of daily. Sometimes too much can cause side effects.

  18. hope the cops never forget what they let happen, I hope to hear the consequences of their lack of action.

  19. i think he needs to be neutered , looks like he may be getting a tumor , give us an update plz! hope everything checks out okay

  20. anyone else like the puffy , volume look? More body the better haha

  21. thats why you never order salads lol you could get a burger for that price

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