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  1. is this the one you need to go through an alley to get to ?

  2. Jasmine Rice on Narragansett and near Belmont.

  3. Capital one has one of the best banking apps and it’s really seamless to use for zelle purposes. It also integrates pretty easily with third-party apps for budgeting, if that’s something you’re into. ATM fee policy isn’t the greatest, especially where I live, but the cafes are an interesting concept. There’s like 3 in my city but not near me so I’ve never used them.

  4. I drive through it a few times a week. I hate driving down Cumberland during rush hour.

  5. On Irving between Cumberland and River Road. It’s on the south side of Irving.

  6. I travel through Europe multiple times a year and totally disagree. They don't have anything similar to TSA pre-check, so you're stuck in massive security lines (even if you're not checking a bag) and they are very very strict on liquids. More often than not they also make you take your shoes off. I'll take pre-check through O'Hare any day. I can usually arrive an hour before my flight and be at the gate by the time they're boarding.

  7. I’ve never seen profiling at the level as I’ve seen profiling through European airport security.

  8. After years I finally caved in over the panini. They are not worth the hype. My $18 adidas slides are more comfortable and cheaper.

  9. You should call them. They’re open 24/7. It could be a number of things and they’d know best on how to resolve.

  10. You can call them now, they’re available 24/7.

  11. I live in MN. Range drops a bit when it's cold because the battery needs to be heated, regen doesn't work (big one) and I want heat too, lol. I'm using 325-350wh/mi instead of 250, on average, with it being about 10F.

  12. Yea it was 19F this morning and it says I was hitting 380. It says my warm weather average is 200.

  13. Use the transit stop app. I literally never have this problem.

  14. I don’t use the CTA often since I started taking the Metra instead, but whenever I do use the CTA the transit app is fairly accurate. I’ve never had a ghost bus/train situation.

  15. You’re repeating the same thing in every comment.

  16. I’m just excited that they’re getting “new” cars. I’d take either design if that’s the case.

  17. But that range 🤢. On a awd with two motors that’s really bad. I just got a 2023 M3 RWD coming from a 2021 MYLR wth 20 in rims. Im loving the range and efficiency of the M3 but missing the space and height.

  18. What do you mean by efficiency? Just curious.

  19. Looking at that $1,000/mo for 60 months gonna be annoying.

  20. I agree. That’s an insane amount. I’m paying $550/month for my 2022 MYP and it flusters me even though it’s well within my budget.

  21. Working with the public since day 1 and haven't got it somehow. Day 3837283773 people let's give it up for day 384726e627

  22. I have a friend who’s a nurse and allegedly hasn’t gotten it. I’m no scientist but perhaps limited exposure overtime also helps build up some tolerance? That or she’s been really lucky and/or has had it but was asymptomatic.

  23. Damn how? Do you work in a health setting or where there’s a high traffic of people?

  24. Don't all companies actively lobby to screw us over? Profit over everything, right? It's impossible to avoid companies that lobby against us.

  25. Yes, that’s true. There’s no shortage of companies that lobby for their own self interest over the consumer.

  26. wait! are we talking all the way through high school???

  27. Yup. I struggled big time when I got to college. I was way behind compared to my peers.

  28. man when I went to college there was an east coast guy who had organic chemistry in high school. I was blown away. But it would have blown me away more to know someone did not have a chemistry class at all.

  29. I mean, we did have a chemistry class but the whole year was basically the first three weeks of college.

  30. The standard ACH transfer averages at around 3 business days.

  31. I usually buy some hygiene product like fragrances or moisturizers. It’s stuff I’m going to buy anyway.

  32. Residents and building management make it too easy...

  33. My building has a strict “don’t let anyone in” policy. Our door is like 20-30 yards from a low traffic sidewalk. Residents will legit walk past you and not let you in.

  34. I think people should do their research on what’s best for them, but I personally wouldn’t touch any Intuit products.

  35. It's clear that product performance is not the primary consideration for you. I care about nothing else.

  36. Another reason I stopped using mint was because of how buggy it had become. It was once smoother, and it started to become unusable. Both platforms I mentioned are better than mint. They have the added feature that they’re not owned by Intuit.

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