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  1. I’m also 39 and had a colonoscopy in August for bleeding. The colonoscopy was normal minus some hemorrhoids basically. I also had intermittent thin stool, all different colors, etc. I’m actually having a bad bleeding issue now too. My rational side is trying to tell my crazy side that I’m fine. I just had the gold standard test. I’m sure you’ll be ok! Getting the test takes a lot of worry off of your back for sure.

  2. Hey I also have had this probably I think mine is likely due to my period but have you ever had orange-brown pencil thin stools as well?

  3. Heyy I know this post old but I do have 2 lumps one on each side of my lower back, it’s been giving me anxiety as well, did you ever find out what it is?

  4. Mine ended up just being fat! I hope all is well! If u have questions feel free to pm.

  5. ur not alone!!! Sometimes when I’m rlly tired I tend to sleep a lot!

  6. yupp! This one time I slept from 5pm all the way to the next day! It’s ok but if it happens a lot then just make sure to check on it with ur Dr! A lot would be like everyday or like 2-3 times a week and if ur sleeping more than 8-9 than I would just get it checked on especially if it has u worried :) Nothing wrong with just making sure

  7. Oh okay! It’s just been happening this week it’s been bad hahah hopefully I can get it fixed!

  8. yup dark as well. Also if they're making you constipated could cause hemoroids/ blood.

  9. Really? I occasionally get teeny tiny bits of blood on toilet paper but I think it’s because I’m rough and tend to want a clean bum 😅.. hopefully I’m okay Lol

  10. I'm pretty certain you're fine. My iron supplements I take for my anemia make my stools really dark too. It's perfectly normal

  11. Yeah it has been painful, that's why I got it checked out. But in hindsight it seems more a side-effect. Once the sciatica got better, it also became less painful.

  12. Ohhh okay I figured!! And I have not yet I will be Monday tho lol. Did it mainly effect only one leg????

  13. Yeah it typically affects only one leg

  14. Well finally got it ultrasound should get results tmr hopefully it isn’t something bad fingers crossed!

  15. Oh my gosh, I CAN NOT even begin to tell you the pain I get. That I only noticed 2-3 years ago because I thought it was from work. I went to countless doctors. Every specialist. Every test under the sun. All different meds all different answers all to be like “idk lolzzzz” it wasn’t until recently when I began actually getting taken serious and speaking to someone with endo (before finding this page) that I realized what it was from and it all made sense. And every day. Every night it’s like hot razor blades slicing they my legs that each weigh 50 pounds or dead weight. It starts from my lower back / abdomen and I noticed when I especially get a seriously bad pain in my left side it makes it worse. I’ve found that heating blankets/ weighted blankets/ CVS pain gel all help. My partner lays on me a lot to realize the pain. I’ve also got a TENS machine ($20 Amazon) and hand held massager ($50 Amazon) that slightly helps. Also recently like 2 weeks recently began trying CBD/mildTHC and it helps relax the pain. Im hoping whenever I finally get the ok for my lap that it helps some what because I can (like everyone here) physically feel the pressure and pain sitting in our bodies. I hope anything I said helped and I hope you find some relief. Oh I also try to do hot baths with epsom salt helps. Massage bars from LUSH help.

  16. How long would this leg pain last? Had it ever last everyday for like a month?

  17. I have it all the time from stage 4 endo. It just varies in pain level

  18. Was it ever in both legs? Do you also get chronic hip pain/buttock pain?

  19. Yes. It comes and it goes. I can have weeks with little leg pain. And I can have weeks where it is really bothersome.

  20. Really??? What does ur pain to feel like and do you have any remedies to help with flare ups?

  21. Hard to decribe. It is like a massive cramp or like I have been hit by something and is now sore and tight. I do not have any remedies except for changing sleeping positions on my belly. Sleeping on my side is not possible anymore. For a bit sure, a whole night is killing me lol

  22. Ugh me too, does your butt cheeks ever hurt too and hips??????

  23. i don’t know. i have unbelievable back pain, like to the point my boyfriend can’t touch my back without pain. my chiro told me it feels like i have scar tissue on my lower back. i have a lap in december, doubt they’ll look there, but if i find anything out i’ll let you know! as for pain relief, heat is the only thing that helps me.

  24. How long have you had that type of pain? Like everyday type of deal?

  25. i wouldn’t say every single day, but close to it. my brain has learned to ignore it but after working all day it almost always hurts.

  26. So do you ever have the leg pain as well or is it mainly your back?

  27. Legs are AGONY. From my hips, all the way down my thighs to my knees. Agony. Only thing I found that helped was a massage gun and basically beat the shit out of my thighs. Ofc doctors won’t really help

  28. How long does ur legs and hips usually hurt for? Like the longest they have been in agony.

  29. Over two weeks? Few days before my period, during period, just after period. And holy fuck do they hurt!

  30. Ugh that used to be me! Now mines been hurting for like almost a month now :(. And I’m like lowkey worried even tho I’m sure it’s endo.

  31. I use prescription pain killers(can’t take NSAIDs bc I have chronic kidney disease)!BUT when I have BAD flare ups, I also heat/cold compress as well as patches(Icy Hot,Salonpas with/without lidocaine,) I like them bc they don’t get the greasy stuff all over my clothes when I use them.(and they come in all different sizes depending on what/where you need them) I usually use them when I go to sleep since they last 8-12 hours and makes it so I can sleep without being in such uncomfortable pain😞.. Give it a try it helps me with the sciatica pain that I get from the endometriosis 🎗💛🎗💛🙏🏻🙏🏻 Good luck,hope this helps 💗xox #endowarrior🎗💛 ALSO I STARTED TAKING MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS SINCE I DONT GET ENOUGH IN MY DIET AND AFTER READING RESEARCH IT STATED THAT MAGNESIUM HELPS WITH PERIOD PAIN, LEG PAIN, MIGRAINES. But don’t take too much A women should taken at most 320mg/day I take 250 and noticed a HUGE difference! If you’re interested in magnesium in helping’s the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

  32. Thank you! I’ve been meaning to start taking magnesium!!! Has it made a significant change for you?

  33. Sciatica with endo is the absolute worst. I had surgery to remove a large cyst but I still deal with sciatica flare ups around the time my period starts. I have found that strengthening my core muscles have helped reduce the severity of the flare ups when they do happen.

  34. Do you have any suggestions when it comes to core strengthening exercises?

  35. If you had an abscess you would ABSOLUTELY know it. They are horribly painful and cause a general flu-like feeling. Most are also visible. I say this with confidence because Ive been battling an oral abscess since early 2020. I ignored it for a while, took a few rounds of antibiotics when it got really bad, I drain a lot of pus fron it daily, and now that I finally worked up the nerve to see a dentist it is spread too far & has done too much damage to be fixed. I have to have a major facial surgery that will alter the way I look for the rest of my life to fix this. DO NOT BE LIKE ME! PLEASE, PLEASE GO SEE A DENTIST!!

  36. Thank you! And also I hope everything goes good for you! You have my best wishes!

  37. Educational institutions & even some employers have resources for dental services. Many community outreach programs also try to help people with getting free check-ups. To answer your original question though, you’d know if an abscess was forming in your mouth. Our mouths are very sensitive places where even the slightest cut or burn can cause a massive annoyance. I really do think it would be worth your while to research some dental resources so you can put your worries to rest. I am not a dentist or MD!

  38. Thank you! Sorry I tend to ask questions to ease my hypochondria because I’m often stupid when it comes to thinking reasonably! But I’m definitely gonna look into what you said! Hopefully can find some in my Texas area!

  39. im sure it is a form of tourettes or something but strictly stays in your mind like perhaps there is a link between tourettes and ocd like someone with tourettes would have to say these things compulsively and act them out being unable to stop it. but for us perhaps it just lingers in the mind intrusively.

  40. I get what you mean. I have avoided a lot because of the imaginative nature of OCD. Books, music, sounds, imagery, etc. It’s all about the why. If you just don’t like that imagery, that’s a good reason not to watch. But if the only reason you’re not watching (you are otherwise interested in the content of the film/tv show) is because you’re not wanting to give OCD more power, you are still giving it even more power by letting that control your choices. Treatment is largely about value-based living. I get your analogy but the issue with ocd is that it conflates logic with fear. It turns the entire sidewalk into dogshit over time if you aren’t careful.

  41. Yeah I agree too, watching Dahmer was my exposure actually! But I’m just saying I think the series being made was actually very disrespectful to the victims and their families. Not even saying that as a avoidance type way bcz of my OCD just genuinely feel bad for the families!

  42. as surprising as this might sound I battle really similar intrusive thoughts surrounding serial killers and specifically Jeffrey dahmer. With OCD obsessions can get really specific but you have to know that no matter how convincing they are, they are simply not true. I’m so sorry that your parents called you crazy for it, I really do get how it feels. I sometimes feel crazy myself for my intrusive thoughts and the way my mind works. It’s sad but at the end of the day it’s a real mental health disorder and that doesn’t make you less of a person for having it. Hope this helped :)

  43. Ugh I’m the same way ever since this Dahmer series I’ve been paranoid! Never had necrophilic or cannabilistic thoughts before this terrible show my themes usually are pocd or health related stuff. Anyone’s else been on edge cause of the show?

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