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  1. definitely had this same exact one - and the audio cassette tape version

  2. I grew up in JP - thanks for sharing :)

  3. It’s hard to believe that (as of a few months ago) there are only 3 Kmart stores left in the entire continental US.

  4. I know it’s not continental US, but there’s also at least one in Puerto Rico

  5. in plaza las americas right? oh wow it was open the last time I went there I think even though I didn’t go - Google maps shows it as still being open even though the others say permanently closed :( I loved going there

  6. S1E1, he gets shot while picking up kitty food and talking about chocolate vs. real hummus ("Lo siento, I did not know hummus was Mexican" - LOL!) at the Food Town on Wilcrest at Briar Forest.

  7. OH! I work by W. 14th & was at the Sunny’s one day after work. There was a huge filming presence going on there & I was so curious as to what it was. Now I know what it must’ve been!

  8. I grew up in jp too! so many beautiful houses like this along the jamaica way near the pond!

  9. yesss…i lived on the arborway

  10. I’ve been registered to vote since I was 18; im 36 this week. Voted in many elections since 18. Got a letter last week saying they cancelled my registration because they received some kind of evidence (I need to look at the letter again to get the specific wording) that I’ve been convicted of a felony. The letter said I need to set a hearing date to get it reversed, after making an appt at a local police station to get fingerprinted. I’ve never even been arrested for or charged with a felony…….making a phone call to them this week. It was an official letter too from the local election board. Crazy

  11. There are phone numbers on that website and I think they'd love to hear about this! I'd love to hear about how it gets resolved as well. I almost wonder if you could have received a fake letter that's some sort of intimidation tactic. Or some names got mixed up...

  12. I think my name must’ve gotten mixed up somehow, even tho my first/middle/last is probably not very common. I checked that site right after I posted my original comment, and I am definitely not registered anymore. :\ I’ll call them Monday & update on what they say I need to do - you’d think all they need to do is check my “record” somehow after I tell them it’s a clear mistake. Ugh!

  13. I came looking in here hoping someone had posted pics of this mall. Used to come here when visiting my grandparents in ringsted.

  14. I always go to kwik lube on washington. Very fast.

  15. No, real life. Very weird place. Strangest I’ve ever been. It seemed to go on and on. Or was I just walking in circles? Almost got lost in that crap. Left the same way I got in.

  16. Nah I meant can you look at on Google maps and see if there’s any street access lol that’s super weird tho

  17. I doubt they taught the history of the Woodpecker-Jaybird war in Fort Bend County.

  18. Can confirm that they did not

  19. It was Burton’s, (as well as other black Texans) election to high office that led to the Jaybird Woodpecker War in Fort Bend County.  The war was actually a county-level coup d'etat. Fort Bend County had five times as many black citizens as white and after the civil war they exercised their right to vote and elected black public servants in number. Many white folks were not too happy about the turn of events and they staged the coup d'etat in 1889.  With the help of the rangers and then Governor Sullivan Ross, all the black public officials were removed from office, white folks replaced them, and a strategy of white-only primaries ensured white control. Other parts of Texas followed suit. Burton was the last Black state senator elected in Texas until Barbara Jordan’s win in 1966.

  20. I live in Richmond area. They

  21. I went to eBay to look up this artist -

  22. super dope. would love to visit. when are they demolishing it?

  23. Very cool find. Contact a local framing shop. They can advise how to best frame and preserve.

  24. love it. wish I had that lamp!

  25. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!

  26. Show me a text book that says PEMDAS. Multiplication and division are the same operation, just like addition and subtraction are the same operation. Division is multiplying by a number less than one and subtraction is adding a negative number.

  27. TIL pemdas is controversial (i googled it after this thread)

  28. You can’t use it until you get the character.

  29. I can believe it. My stepmom is running for public re-election in Houston for something, and she had people walking door-to-door in her district, soliciting monetary donations for “her campaign”. In reality, they have nothing to do with her. :\

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