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  1. Aaron Hernandez was popular for awhile…… Then he decided to dominate the headlines instead.

  2. Anna Faris, like in House Bunny. She’s a mutt, totally adorable but pretty dumb.

  3. I remember those cheese sticks from school. They tasted like shit.

  4. I was about to say, she literally ordered school lunch items 🤢

  5. She thinks that I owe her an apology…….good thing she don’t get paid for thinking!

  6. This is like that kid that wants to play tag but the minute they’re “it” they scream “I DONT WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE!!!!!”

  7. I feel like Mike would be blue, like the Colts.

  8. "That ain't no Etch-A-Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet."

  9. idk how anyone could watch early teen mom eps of babs screaming at jenelle and be surprised jace wouldnt want to live with her as a teen

  10. Idk, I feel like this might really fuck up his relationship with Babs. She’s been his safe space pretty much his whole life, and if she gives up on him like this the minute he starts to rebel or have an attitude, I’m afraid it might cause him to resent her and not want to go back.

  11. Very true!! I was unsure how to word it, because “safe” definitely didn’t feel right. Stable feels more accurate, although even that 🥴

  12. Clearly Maci planted them in his pocket 🙄

  13. I don’t know why people want this gray blonde look. I mean it’s their hair obviously so do you but it always ages them.

  14. That’s what I was thinking! She looks better with a warmer golden blonde, this platinum color doesn’t look good on her

  15. So if you didn’t have your deadbeat husband around, you wouldn’t teach him anything???

  16. I got all the airpop popcorn we can handle. Someone else needs to be in charge of the seasonings. This might beat the Duggar car lot raid. I know you guys know what I'm talking about.

  17. Wakanda Forever was never going to measure up to Black Panther. It had the impossibly tall task of respectfully dealing with Chadwick’s death, and setting up whoever had to take up the mantle next after his portrayal of the character. It could have been two separate movies to tackle each task, but that would have been tactless. It also came at a phase in the MCU where old characters are being retired and new ones introduced, so it felt like another drop in the bucket of recent installments, sadly.

  18. Every movie could use some James Buchanan Barnes

  19. I liked the continuity with the turtle hate 😂

  20. Right???? Like I don’t understand what the endgame would be. Either:

  21. She’s collecting baby daddies like JLo collects wedding rings 🤣

  22. She’s like Thanos collecting infinity stones

  23. I give them 6 months before they apologize and allow password sharing again. They’re going to lose so many subscribers

  24. Kaiser 😏 Could you imagine the shitfit swamp thing would have if their kids shared a name

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