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Affidavits: 2 more pregnant minors who were raped were denied Ohio abortions

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  1. this episode was cute. feel like i'm the only one enjoying the slice of life-ness this is, at least, i'm enjoying those aspects more than whatever plot they're building towards.

  2. An episode of unplugging from the rest of the universe and having some honest discussion was just what I needed.

  3. 11 minues (3rd of an episode) wated, on what? What kind of progression we got from that scene, except grown ups acting lile 16yr old girls.

  4. has the word incel changed meaning recently? I thought it meant involuntary celibate. But now it seems like if youre an incel it means you are a woman hater and mass shooter.

  5. It does mean involuntary celibate. Incels also hate women and have become mass shooters. None of that is changing the definition.

  6. but just cause youre an incel doesnt mean you have hate women?

  7. Sure seems to be a major factor.

  8. So is Caitlyn Jenner, Trump supporter.

  9. Fortunately now 2 weeks on after the move, and this video she is a lot happier and comfortable in the apartment and only retreats to that spot when she wants to be alone..she also got a treat in the form of tuna

  10. We moved to a new house last year and were in the process of moving for about two weeks as well before we brought the cats in. We let them hide in a single room for a while to get comfortable before they started exploring the rest of the place.

  11. He did, and then he realized he was wrong and owned up to it.

  12. There are legendary bands that have had fewer farewell tours than Terraria has had farewell patches.

  13. In theory, lategame units are scary. In practice I've never seen a lategame army that wasn't 10 units of basic infantry at least and MAYBE like 5 units that aren't T1-3.

  14. I'm pretty sure the slaves questioned slavery.

  15. It can if there’s a threat if there is not then it’s just creepy as hell. I can’t imagine that you have ever had sex before if your view of sex is like this lmao. Prolly gonna try and like pull out a contract if you get laid.

  16. Lmao I’m not the guy who said it sure as fuck isn’t rape. And making a comment like the one regarding the prom date or whatever isn’t whining. You shouldn’t be creepy you shouldn’t whine you shouldn’t say the prom thing but those are not rapes in a legal sense or in most peoples minds.

  17. His problem was not running for office as a Republican before committing crimes. That would have given him magic immunity.

  18. We are aware of the context. It doesn't make it better.

  19. It’s kind of a cringe rebuttal. I mean I guess using the word preceding makes it sound intelligent. It’s easy to win you guys over all you have to do is agree with mainstream corporate media and use a fancy word.

  20. Of course it is true. If abortion is banned, people will suffer as a result. This has happened every time abortion has been banned, it happened in other countries, it is happening here in the states where abortion has been banned.

  21. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby who probably remembers when they blamed hurricanes on Obama's weather machine. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be on the side of the guy with the fucking weather machine.

  22. Never forget: Republicans want to do this nationwide.

  23. Vote every single Republican out of office this fall. Bring your friends.

  24. Yes. Because a snarky lib who looks like a nerdy SJW neckbeard equivalent who’s entire existence revolves around smart ass comments about conservatives on lame ass Twitter is way more recognizable than a Princeton alum who played Superman. 👍🏻 Good to know

  25. He obviously looks like Kirkland Eric Clapton, not an SJW neck beard.

  26. I've never seen a Jeff Tiedrich tweet outside of echochambers like

  27. Generally speaking the faab you spend now is more valuable than the faab you spend later. If you nail something now you have a player for the whole year vs less weeks in the future.

  28. It is a 4D chess move. Having everyone in the line creep up a couple of inches like a mongrel is way worse.

  29. You are describing the other extreme from this. There is a middle route where you set your bags down when the line stops moving, and you can wait until there is a person or two gap in front of you before moving, unless the line is very long in which case keep it tight.

  30. No. If someone says "Well, I saw the movie" is that the same as if they read the book? An audiobook is certainly closer to the book than that, but it's still Not. The. Same.

  31. I've explained multiple times why they are different. Not better, not worse, just different. Whether you are unwilling or unable to accept that at this point, this conversation is now circular and thus over.

  32. Depends on how long they require saying Greg Abbot is a little piss baby. I don't think requiring it for a few days is that bad, they are getting across their point and it's kinda funny. We'll have to see how much longer they require it.

  33. They are going to extend the requirement to say that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby by one day every time someone complains about it.

  34. Again, I already heard what they had to say. It's useless moral posturing at best, insane Trump-level cult shit at worst.

  35. Right, the content can be good and sensible, but the name sounds silly. The same happened with common core.

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