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  1. Also worth noting 3 Doors Down is having a free concert in the Fan Zone after the Xfinity race.

  2. I’d love to watch it but i’m not sticking around until 8:30 for it. Big time fail by CMS

  3. 1500 red blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State

  4. I can’t believe we live in a world where this is the only game we get blessed with Buck and Aikman this season

  5. Until it inevitably rains one week

  6. Based on the schools each qb tonight attended i hope Cleveland wins by 50

  7. I just want to know who NBC is gonna obsess over every broadcast now that he’s gone

  8. Al Michaels deserved better than to end his career doing games on the fucking internet

  9. Anything is better than that stupid helmet. Worst logo in the NFL, possibly in all of professional sports

  10. Dude acting like he played his whole career there, it was half a season

  11. Literally hyped up showing his performance and we got 4 seconds

  12. Maybe a hot take but the name on the windshield should accurately represent the driver behind the wheel. I know it’s Kurt’s car but that is what the window signature is for. I don’t know why NASCAR doesn’t enforce this, felt the same way when Gordon and Bowman drove the 88 in 2016

  13. First time at Dowdy and probably last. ECU fans were cool but the stadium was completely unprepared.

  14. KFB’s first Xfinity win was at Richmond, first Cup win was Fontana

  15. Why’s it gotta be the damn internet game

  16. The fact that Smithfield allegedly would leave if a driver that has 3 wins in 10+ years retired…i don’t understand them

  17. They just think he is the best representative of their brand in professional auto racing. Public Image is a big deal and the fact that they can get their guy and still be associated with a big and successful team in the sport.

  18. They really made their public image look good when they publicly trashed RPM

  19. I thought NASCAR produced the Truck races after Sonoma using NBC's cameras and equipment. I swear I saw it in an article about the new production facility. I could be wrong, my memory isn't sharp as a tack but it would explain why.

  20. They do. The booth guys call it from NASCAR’s production facilities. Same thing with any standalone Xfinity races on FS1/NBCSN the past few years.

  21. Getting him the hell away from Niece would definitely be ideal

  22. I hate that they changed it right before he won the same way Fifth-Third bank did with Stenhouse before he won dega

  23. That Fifth Third scheme Ricky won with and they stuck with was horrible. Love the one they have this year.

  24. This is me with Bubba, sadly. I liked him when he came up through the ranks and when he started speaking out about his battle with mental issues and depression. I liked him even more when he offered a helping hand to Kyle Larson after his debacle and spoke out on racial issues. While I might not have 100% agreed with him at the time, I could see his heart was in the right place and that he was genuinely trying to bring people together rather than tear everyone apart.

  25. Man i have no ill will towards him, and i don’t blame him at all for taking the 23XI ride, but i was really hoping he’d be the one to elevate the 43 back to a winning ride. Luckily i think Erik and GMS have great potential to get it done.

  26. Crazy that Hill was despised on here when he got the 16 truck and now 4 years later, he’s on his way to cup long-term and Moffitt is even more of nomad than he was then

  27. I never understood the hate for him getting the 16 truck, he was respectable in the 02 and proved he deserved a better shot

  28. As others have said it’s great for local tracks. Millbridge on a Wednesday night is undefeated. Makes me miss living near there

  29. Loved the call by Mike Joy to the checkered flag, absolutely awesome finish.

  30. Meanwhile DW yelling over him saying “Gilliland’s got it” lol

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