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  1. I was thinking the turtle from the swamp of sadness in Neverending Story.

  2. And the one single word egregiously used: Glisten.

  3. Ah glisten. The male steamy author's retort to the female steamy author's "throbbing".

  4. Female steamy authors also use "glisten", it's just another thing that's glistening lol. The tip of somebody's fat pink mast, usually

  5. I'll have you know that my pink mast is rather short and thin, thank you very much!

  6. Ah, so northern mages wouldn't cast fireball (substitute any spell you wish, so long as it's the same spell for each) in a similar manner? Joe North might dance a little jig to summon the flame, whereas his brother Tim North might recite Latin sounding words, and their dad Jim North just focuses his thoughts and points, without any reason why each of these different methods work? Meanwhile in the south, they know you have to focus your thoughts, thrust a first forward, and change "fireball" three times, nothing else works?

  7. Well, basically, yeah, lol. I hadn't envisioned any of them dancing jigs before, but now I can see that at least one, isolated and self-taught mage would dance a jig as a kid, and produce a fire accidentally, and them think this is how fire is supposed to be produced.

  8. But isn't the danced jig/yodel/etc just their manner of focusing on the task at hand? Or is it truly the dance that causes the magic?

  9. I have no experience with ADHD but maybe it would help to set a timer everytime you place something on hold so that you don't actively have to remember it?

  10. A lot of people who struggle with focus in ways like ADHD (myself and my wife included) do this, or at least try to. If they can get in the habit of it, it can lead to amazing successes, too the point where ADHD becomes something of a superpower, where they can switch what they hyperfixate on and be extremely productive. The hard part is in forming the habit. Neurotypical people can do things a certain way for a few days, or a few weeks, and then it's muscle memory. A lot of neurodivergent people struggle with building habits and have to continue to consciously make decisions for years before habits form, it's why we can forget to do things like eat, hydrate, put our shoes on the right feet, etc.

  11. The worst is when you finally get a good habit going, you’re on track for months at a time, everything is finally working after years of working at it…and then you go on vacation or otherwise disrupt the habit and it’s completely back to square one.

  12. But for whatever reason it doesn't work like that with bad habits! Oh to be able to quit smoking by vacationing for a weekend and forgetting I picked up the habit 😆

  13. Yes also plant yes also Dino yes Dino have own plant YES

  14. If they eat other sniffers, and only other sniffers, does that make them omnivores by default?

  15. Spear! It makes with the pokey poke while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

  16. The writing has been going well, though I have needed to shift gears due to the start of the school year. During the school year I lore write for a small video game and the experience has been amazing. If this game is half as good as it seems, I am so excited for it to be available.

  17. I present to you the first map I created for the novel of a buyer on Fiverr. My first and only client so far!

  18. If it isn't too much to ask, how much would commissioning a map like this run? I'm currently trying to save up and fix some aspects of my book, one of which is a map. I tried my hand at it, and it turns out I should stick to writing 😜

  19. Immortality via equivalent exchange. Whenever MC would die, they are instead reborn, unharmed, and a loved one dies in their place. MC can only truly die if they die and love nobody. Furthermore, it warps the perception of all survivors because it takes the person MC loves -most-. So if MC is happily married for 40 years, gets hit by a bus, and his GF from high school drops dead to save him, his wife is going to have some words. (I am not suggesting your story have any of those elements, just providing an example)

  20. Why would he tell his wife about the curse? "It was a miracle I survived." "Wierd about Beth having a heart attack that same day."

  21. Odd reason to downvote me considering a multitude of explanations are possible, I was leaving that up to the imagination. But here are a few just to get the ball rolling, feel free to downvote them as well.

  22. I'm still sort of bothered by non-binary characters being very othered and treated as novel, anthropologically interesting and gawk worthy. It's an undercurrent in a lot of books that I love, and it doesn't stop my loving them, but it does stick out a little.

  23. What about a non-binary race being treated as othered and anthropologically interesting? Asking for a friend.

  24. I very much enjoyed DOS 1. Could see myself playing it again and again. However, my buddy and I wanted to finish the series before going back, so we moved on to DOS 2.

  25. I'd love to see an official review/critic that is known for judging harshly (otherwise I'll just assume they are being polite) say that my work even remotely compared to R.A. Salvatore. I get Sanderson on occasion, but I've still not had the time to read him, so I don't know if I'm happy about that or not.

  26. Also important to consider if you are comparing yourself to an author's first work or their tenth work. I love some of Neal Stephenson's later novels, but his first couple? Pretty generic thrillers. It was hugely encouraging to find out he didn't start out as the writer I love.

  27. A lot of people got good money off of bbby too. Just had to actually take profits. I'm just glad he hates HYSR, I actually have enough shares in that to make a difference when he's wrong.

  28. Did you have to do something more than what's said in the installation guide or that's it?

  29. I see what you did there. I exhaled slightly more forcibly through my nose in response.

  30. As is the case with most aspects of writing, both have sizeable audiences. My advice would be to write the style you enjoy more. Because as someone who prefers action, I'd still rather read a great story with little action compared to someone trying to force it, when I can feel they hated every word of it. It is far better (imo) to write what you love, then find your audience, instead of distorting what you love to try and make extra sales.

  31. This may be an odd one, and I'll admit I only listen to it occasionally, but Lohse's song from the video game Divinity Original Sin 2. For those who haven't played, consider the rest of this a spoiler. Since Lohse is a bard who lost her music, then as an optional side quest regains that music, and sings this very song, it feels like it is climactic to me. Like life ends being tied up. It evokes feelings that I want to evoke, and puts me in the right head space to do it. I recommend playing the game if you haven't, but if you refuse, I'd suggest at least listening to the song once. Only time I've ever been moved by video game music.

  32. By the same token, Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed 2 is a song that always gets me going. I like soundtracks as well because they often have no words, so I find it easier to focus on writing when I listen. I just love the way it builds, sort of the way I want to build tension in my book.

  33. Excellent! I have beaten all the Ezio assassin's creeds, and don't recall the song, but I'm glad it inspires you :)

  34. I'm just amazed with the weebiness of the world that that damned board game isn't a real thing. The people who made HunterxHunter missed out on a great source of income if they just refined the rules enough to make it real. There's already websites dedicated to trying to figure out how the game works, using all the moves made or described in the show, but it's just about 80% of the info you need to actually play. I know I'd play the hell out of it.

  35. Oh what it’s not real? I really thought it was. It looks very interesting. It’s surprising that they haven’t tried to make an actual board game out of it

  36. A few have tried, the issue is that you have to solve for what pieces do that are never really shown. It's like trying to invent chess when you've never seen knights or bishops in action, and don't know what kind of moves they can do.

  37. Genuinely curious. What exactly is an Akynd? I checked out your amazon description, and while the plot sounds really interesting, that definition left me a little confused?

  38. So in the world of Eribeth magic functions somewhat similarly to Dungeons and Dragons in that magic users are typically either born with a talent (sorcerers), learn a skill (wizards), or trade something for it (clerics/warlocks/etc). Akynd are a man-made hybrid of them where a ritual is performed to imbue someone with potent magical ability, granting them the versatility of a wizard, the (now innate) talent of a sorcerer, and the raw power of a warlock. This makes them rather powerful casters, which is what the source of their temptation is (absolute power corrupts absolutely and such). Thanks for the question, I hope this helps answer it! Any other questions?

  39. Thanks for answering my question, that clears a lot up :)

  40. An adventurer often wants a monetary reward, but truly desires and prioritizes the adventure.

  41. Cool, thanks for the insight :) The serious themes you mention were actually the reason I thought I'd check it out, but I'm not sure if I'll continue to book six.

  42. Luckily it is built kind of like a sitcom, so if you skip around you don't miss too much. A few major plot points that span the series, but for the most part those are reiterated when you get to them (like how they mention Tobias is stuck as a hawk now), rather than just assuming you know. It lets you do things like read the ones that sound interesting and skip the ones you don't care about.

  43. I listened to the first five. The first two were surprisingly good, then it kinda got bland. What did you think?

  44. Some of the books were more bland than others. I've only read thirty six of them because of an odd collection thing I do, but it's definitely a series I enjoy. I just don't particularly identify with Rachel (I've never been a strong independent woman) or Marco, so I always find their books a little more difficult to get through. It is odd how adult they get at times later in the series, not sexual or anything, just thematically. At the beginning there is such a hopeful feeling. Sure, we may be a bear and a tiger and a dolphin against an invasion, but we got this! Later in the series it starts to feel like "this will kill us and we know it, we can only hope our sacrifice is worth it".

  45. I’m not sure, but I think this guy is pushing SPY Calls

  46. Most ppl here don’t even know how to read, let alone make their own DD.

  47. Abundantly clear, except choice is essentially a simplified abstraction. They're ideas that aren't quantifiable. Just as the concept of an array of choices. Technically speaking, you always make one choice. So the thought process can go further. Thanks for the take

  48. The choice itself isn't the abstract part, the idea that they happened linearly is the abstraction. From my perspective, I chose what I had for dinner tonight, and I will choose what I will have for dinner tomorrow. That's because I cannot comprehend time as it was meant to be processed, so my brain handles it sequentially, giving the appearance of a linear nature.

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