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  2. I think a lot of their money is tied up in legal fees. They have a lot of assets that are real estate. So on paper it looks bigger. It's got to be expensive to have full-time care and put those kids in private school. They really need her having to generate some form of income like she used to. Except she's crazy. Lies. Fraud. Narcissistic. So I think that's why they are trying to push for her to reinvent herself. They've probably dumped a couple thousand into PR over the past 2 weeks It's actually sort of disgusting.

  3. I agree. I think the push to make Hilaria somewhat relevant again isn’t pure vanity. The podcast, the increase in new commenters of IG, the extra interview, the puff pieces, etc are all to try to bring make Hilaria’s money making IG influencers days.

  4. He was sad that you treated him like a baby and he was probably wondering who the f*** you were.

  5. I used to do Bikram Yoga in London and some sessions could be like this, someone's feet practically touching your head. Horrible.

  6. I used to do Bikram too and sometimes if there was a Groupon you were essentially on top of the other person.

  7. Not sure I see a connection between these two? Megan never posted crazy pregnancy pics regardless of moon bump rumors whereas Hillz gladly posted ridic pics and lapped up the attention. Hillz gives us much on a daily basis almost to reinforce who she really is, so more than a rumor or speculation with due cause at the very least.

  8. I think the scale is way different. However, there are some similarities, in the narcissism. Or playing victim or always bringing the conversation back to themselves. I'm not sure how I feel about MM but the sub-dedicated to her is pretty eye-opening. 😮🤯

  9. I think Megan is self-centered in typical Leo fashion, but I truly don't see her as a narcissist. It's crazy how easily people throw that word around.

  10. Yeah it is a big word to throw around having had a narcissistic mother It's pretty painful when these people are in your life.

  11. Whoever that person is should be inducted into Saint Hood.

  12. I'm thinking with the kids being sick maybe that was her way of saying she might not go but then again she would never give up the fact that she could walk the red carpet and be near royalty. I'm sure she's at Burger Kings now getting done.

  13. I was never a huge fan. I didn't mind him though. I always thought he was semi entertaining. I would always give him the benefit of the doubt. But the way he has handled himself this past year.. or post griftmus ...

  14. The moment I see MM and HB together I will drink an entire bottle of Chardonnay. Bonus tequila shots if there is audio involved

  15. Well as she's been on her hard push of a redemption tour. That slowly started at the end of the summer. It seems to be in overdrive or overhilz She's always been the one that was going to reboot his career. Young. Quirky. Energetic. Big family mom Who looked amazing and recovered instantaneously from childbirth. Pretending to be from Spain just added to the grift and quirkiness of her.

  16. My daughter had a vanity with children's makeup when she was young - the difference is her childhood wasn't splattered all over SM. Skankwin is a pathetic user of her innocent children - for her own need of constant attention and validation. FYP

  17. I was obsessed with makeup but I just played with it on my own. I wasn't allowed to wear anything until the end of 7th grade. This poor girl.

  18. I also thought the person giving me interview I want to say it was Billy Bush but I don't even know what the show is Seemed a little agitated in his voice.

  19. Grand total of what this week has cost them. In PR. In her guest on witches. Her fake as f*** cry session.

  20. Not only that she gave birth seven weeks ago... but that it's been back to back pregnancies for almost a decade! She's so full of shit it's mind-boggling. She doesn't even know what that would do to her body (nor did she ever care to find out). And keep in mind that she's quite the opposite of a 'fitness expert' (or 'wellness expert', 'nutritional expert' or all of the other 'expert' titles she tries to give herself)... we're talking about a profoundly lazy woman who's been headed towards skinny-fat since she met Alec, coasting on whatever muscle tone she had developed in her 20s. Only her eating disorder keeps her thin. And she's claiming that she 'bounces back' pregnancy after pregnancy... exercising and swimming and partying only weeks after 'delivering' because her doctor lets her do special things because she's so exceptional and different from every other human and the experiences that everyone else understands to be true.

  21. Our kids had that high chair and when they became toddlers they sat with us at the table what the hell is wrong with this family?

  22. Exactly You took the tray off so they could join you. 💚💚🥒🥒

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