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  1. It's just a process of fine tuning the search of who fits well with us. It's not supposed to be easy at all. It is also much much harder to have a functional relationship with someone when you don't have one with yourself as well

  2. When can I take you out on the date you deserve?

  3. Overlords this plant we are but measely fertilizer lolol

  4. My mom told me a story of her close friend who designed a vastly more efficient type of engine motor for a car, which he unfortunately sold to General Motors and they shelved it...never to be used. This was decades ago

  5. Check the UCSD Student Off-Campus housing facebook page! They have a lot of rooms and sublets come and go, not very many in PB I think but still many in areas not far from PB

  6. You could send an email just touching base with them, nothing wrong with that.

  7. I was in the 2020 commencement and they took pics of us and some of my fellow 2020 people got emails for theirs but I haven't gotten any emails even in spam

  8. It came back a few minutes ago for us, hopefully you got yours back too. I saw farther down the street that they never lost power the whole time.

  9. yeah haha. itll never be the graduation we wanted but it definitely helped close the chapter thats been open for sooo long

  10. Yeah it was a bit sad that it was really disorganized and all the people got up before it was over (I was one of like 5 who stayed up there lol) but overall still was glad to see everyone in such good spirits and reconnect, and finally have the closure we deserved

  11. yeah lol i was a little bummed abt that but tbh when i was done i was also ready to leave lol

  12. Lmao yeah I understand it wasn't comfy but I stuck it out to cheer anybody I knew and everyone else haha

  13. Wish I could tell ya. I'm an alum, but class of 2020 so ima find out tomorrow 😂

  14. It was extremely overpriced pizza that wasn't even good. It finally overstayed its welcome on the market

  15. Can someone make a shareable insta post of this

  16. I live a mile from blacks! Lmk when you wanna go I'll be happy to join you lol

  17. Remake it and stand guard, then expose their asses if they try again

  18. Just go do it any time, you'll be an instant celebrity 😂

  19. Best thing you can do rn is check this sub for posts of the lost item

  20. Also check facebook! Most likely if you left it in the lecture hall it will be there at the front still. Unless a cleaning crew picks it up but idk where else

  21. Padawan Outpost, I just bought my second saber from there, they have some cheap neopixels. I know the lego brick saber is 180

  22. The pricing is not too bad even tho some are out of stock. However, I saw a review video a guy did that was shared in this sub about a PO saber and when he was swinging it back and forth the flash on clash went off a couple times. I'm learning how to do obi-ani spins, etc and my original problem was that while spinning the FOC kept activating, so I'm very hesitant to spend even more money without knowing for sure if the same problem will happen

  23. Imperial workshop is the cheapest on the market, but this is CERTAINLY not reflected in their product, I am a proud owner and rate 10/10

  24. Too bad theyre out of stock of literally everything all the time

  25. I started off in a production lab for a big biotech company and was making 18/hr. I now work in a research lab for a smaller biotech company and make 27/hr (24 before inflation adjustment)

  26. You can reach out via Amazon Help. Otherwise, I would return it and get a saber from a vendor that has actual customer service and tests their sabers. Darkwolf is one…

  27. I tried using amazon help but it just redirected me to their return menu lol. Like I said idk if the return would be accepted but I can try. Just got this cuz I needed something affordable

  28. If you're referring to the flagging that happens on turnitin, don't stress until you actually get written up. This happens pretty often if you use phrases that are commonplace for a lab report where you all followed the same procedure, or reports/essays in which you are quoting outside material. Not sure if that's what you meant by flagging though

  29. It's a scam 100%. Why would they tell you that there's 100k in there and expect you to turn it in for 25k yeah right nobody less than a saint would do that

  30. My childhood friend grew 4 inches after being put on a gluten-free diet. Turns out his intestines were also fucked up pretty bad even though he didn't get pain til like right before he went to the doc. It's real 😂

  31. That's my favorite kind I have some in my freezer. My sympathies to you :(

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