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  • By - ken4r

  1. Bank statements -- yes, as you have to provide proof that you have enough funds to travel to the UK and live there for the duration of your stay. This is also applicable if your expenses will be covered by a sponsor (e.g. family, friends) -- you'd have to provide their evidence of funds instead.

  2. My bank statements are in French. I need to translate them but I don‘t know where :s

  3. Jack Grealish, I think it‘s overpriced.

  4. Sorry to post on here as ticket thread now been removed. But, if any season ticket holders can't make the proposed rescheduled Leeds game at Old Trafford and are willing to sell their ticket at FV to transfer it to a member, please let me know. Thanks.

  5. Bloc E336 row 10 is available if interested . FV ✅

  6. Bit optimistic but if anyone's selling a Stretty end ticket for Leeds (H) then lmk.

  7. Block E336 row 10 is available, if interested

  8. Already did, but they removed it

  9. When you apply for a visa, you have to fill the address , and what’s the ownership status of your home

  10. Oh it wasn’t clear what you were asking. Don’t overthink it. You’re renting.

  11. Even in the rental contract it contains only my friend name?

  12. How could you buy 2 tickets with one membership ?

  13. Do you have an official member account ? Transfer to it

  14. Looking for a ticket for Barcelona vs United away game in Barcelona. I am a united member

  15. Hey 31M. Interested as well

  16. Me too, I‘am looking to meet new friends.

  17. 31M. If interested dm me

  18. Hey , 31M. I‘m interested as well

  19. Hey are you still looking for new friends?

  20. 31 M , moved few months ago to Paris and I want to improve my french

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