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Cheesecake Goes to the Vet

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What do I do? I found this little cat on a walk and it was meowing non stop and followed me home. I gave it little pieces of cut up turkey and now it’s sitting in my lap. No collar I feel bad just sending it back outside it was on a busy street

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  1. The drug used to treat FIP is Remdesivir and is not FDA approved for treatment on cats. The company, for whatever their reason, is only getting it approved for human treatment of covid. I don't know much about different pet insurances but I'd think they would not cover a non-FDA approved treatment.

  2. It was actually on the way to be approved for cats, but it got "cancelled" because it then entered testing for covid or something and they didn't want the drug to be associated with a drug for animals because it would look bad or something. Makes sense if you look at Ivermectin and Covid I guess.

  3. I mean, Ivermectin is a dewormer. Regardless of it's horse association, it was never gonna do shit for a viral infection.

  4. I am not saying it works for covid, but there are certain situations where it is used on humans.

  5. It seems to be describing a variation of Jens surprisingly stretchy bind off but keeping it in rib stitch, and it's very easy. All you do. Is do a yarn over between each stitch. So, [(k, yo, k, pull both first stitch and yo over second k on rh needle) three times, (yo, p, pull both previous stitch and yo over p) three times] repeat to end maintaining pattern.

  6. Before you start the bind off put in a life line. If you can do it a row below even better so you can re-knit the last row of 3×3 ribbing to even the tension before you start the bind of again.

  7. Thank you! I will probably make a small swatch now :D

  8. Moomin: Moomino or Poucho because she has a smol cute primordial pouch(o) Ilwy: Ilwos, Ilwios, Fluffy

  9. I agree. My housecat former abandoned cat who had lived outdoors is the only one of mine who tries to cover up his leftover food. He drags throw rugs, cat beds, clothing, newspaper, whatever is handy, over of his dish and leaves it for later.

  10. Now I am glad my cat just scratches the surroundings with no effect 😂

  11. Beautiful shawl, but oh my god that kitty! 😍😍 beautiful colors on both

  12. Thank you! She is a somalicat in the color ruddy :)

  13. Thank you so much for checking before you get too emotionally involved. Where we are, we are told not to use collars anymore and I always worry that our cat will be 'adopted' by someone else who doesn't check that he's chipped and loved! If he isn't chipped and loved though, I'm glad he's found you

  14. I get that, but I thought that's why breakaway colors exist.

  15. I would wave a cotton bud to get Ilwy and I would turn on the faucet for Moomin ☺️

  16. I stopped caring what other people think about my appearance a few years ago, I am also in my twenties. I love to make things, no matter what and I have great joy in wearing something not a child in China made, but I myself. When you are young you have a lot of insecurities so I get why she is thinking that though :)

  17. Well, you cannot have a momma cat with a litter where one of them is maine coon and one isn't, so that lady definitely didn't know what she was talking about. That said, it is still possible there is some maine coon in there if one of the parent cats was one.

  18. iirc then cats can get pregnant from multiple cat dads, so it would be possible to have one kitten which is part maine coon and so on... but it would be weird because maine coons usually don't run around outside.

  19. Agreed, it can vary. But in the end, it's still a mixed cat. If a dog has puppies, you don't have one labrador, one golden retiever, one pitbull, and one dachshund, for example. Same for cats. They can have mixed genes for sure, and one sibling can have more of one breed than another, but that doesn't make them that breed. Unless mom was a maine coon too and ran into an unneutered maine coon tomcat (highly unlikely) the kitten is still mixed.

  20. ah yes, I misunderstood your comment, thank you for explaining. That's why I wrote part maine coon :)

  21. Aw, thanks! I’m hoping to open commissions up soon! :)

  22. I could only think about that ruined white coat should she fall...

  23. Talk to Isabelle on the plaza on the day of the firework :)

  24. I just started playing last week! Nice to see your build, great work! :)

  25. Awesome! What are your thoughts so far?

  26. I love it! One of my favorite things is probably Carls Mansion and the ability to play piano with Marcus. Though I don't like Marcus' storyline ^ rn I am trying to get Hank to be Connors friend :D And how about you?

  27. I love Animal Crossing but they don't tell em guys.

  28. Great shot! Looks like a supermodel!😎

  29. I actually love the old German names, it gives it a nice vibe in my opinion. Though one of my favorite villagers is Grizzly and I am not to fond of the German version, Gerald.

  30. Definitely not, many of them are puns or have something unique associated with them

  31. Ha! That's interesting! In the German language there is the saying "Perlen vor die Säue" ("pearls before swine) and it means the same as the Japanese version.

  32. Will it be stable with cats jumping around or will you anchor it to the wall

  33. It should be stable! If not I can still anchor it

  34. How big are these cats? I have never heard of the somali breed before. She is really pretty!

  35. I don't know any other language where words routinely start with the "Ll" and w and y are vowels. It means "spoon".

  36. oh, it is ilwy, and in the series you write it ivly, but my boyfriend wanted it to be written with w, "just because" ^

  37. Color pooling happens sometimes when using a varigated yarn (one that has a lot of short color changes), where the colors repeat in a regular or mostly regular pattern.

  38. Yes!! I love watching them!! Here’s the Cat Scratcher Rachel constructed:

  39. Thank you! I actually just got a cat yesterday and I am in the middle of building a "nature" cat tree for her and her future companion that will be with us in a few days!

  40. With two cats now I’ve decided to get the supplies & create this scratch pad Rachel made. I have a scratch pad for my cats but the older one runs & lays across it whenever the younger cat walks towards it. ( why he wants to lay on that hard plastic thing is the question lol) So I figured if I made a bigger one the cats might share!!!

  41. Sounds like a plan! I am sure your kitties will love it :3

  42. My parents have a cat that I love very very much and he also loves me very much (at least he acts like it, who knows what goes on in his little head), and the last time I was home I realised all the cat hair from him on my project. Decided to work it in because he is so far away most of the time (I live in a different city ~2 hours away), so it's like a little memory of him 🥰

  43. Kiki's Delivery Service comforts me every single time :)

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