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Restructuring & Recent Events [ Megathread ]

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  1. The amount of civil comments and posts that have been deleted is concerning. People have legitimate concerns and the mods have just been deleting and censoring people.

  2. Again i dont know anything about this person but ive put that on the list.

  3. I find Ben so annoying. Jessa totally got the dud husband out of the married Duggar girls.

  4. It’s like they are trying to fit in as normal people.

  5. These are great. It is nice that you are thinking of the comfort of your customers.

  6. Stepping in dog shit was more pleasant than reading this post.

  7. Many fundies believe in conversion therapy. So if anyone made noise about some thoughts they were having they would be sent to a program.

  8. I love these tacos. The chipotle cashew crema is amazing.

  9. There are empty fridges and shelves at my grocery store. Still lots of food, but not as much variety.

  10. They could have designed something very similar with an original photo. I don’t think they were thinking of model release forms. They did take the easy road through by buying a stock photo. Which many news companies purchase. However if they are trying to showcase an issue in Canada they should be using photos in context taken in Canada. There is a level of deception pointed out in the article.

  11. Love how they pretend she is a winner. Like they are not contacting every name and number they have.

  12. I don’t find this woman anywhere near as bad as Michelle. Or Jim Bib (not sure why all the shame is laid on the women). She doesn’t appear to be shaming her children to death under the guise of religion.

  13. This is a hard one to say because they are both horrible, but I would rather have Rim Job and Meech as parents than this woman. Neither will give you a good education, both have food security issues (duggs seem to be in the past now), both have toxic family messaging and there seems to be some toxic relationships there. She wanted to divorce the father right after the wedding but still had nine kids with him. And she is conservative. At least the Duggar kids are straight out brainwashed and have a larger community through their religion.

  14. This woman sees having children as a job. They are her income. Some of her kids will probably replicate this since it’s the life they know.

  15. Your hand has long travels to get all the way down there.

  16. I drink either unsweetened oat milk or unsweetened almond. Oat milk has a lower environmental impact which I like.

  17. This is behind a paywall. But I now must know where they went. Can anyone with a servants heart and a subscription spill the beans?

  18. The Nestle company is truly horrible. Their sin sheet is long. I avoid purchasing Nestle products.

  19. The day her and her bf met is probably the day they met in person after talking on Tinder.

  20. Oh please. No one goes after Deena because no one cares about Deena.

  21. I am just learning this today, so correct me if I am wrong, but you can’t use your drivers ID or a piece of mail to vote in the USA?!? That’s wild. I did not know this was a thing.

  22. At least he didn’t die of a heart attack after receiving that.

  23. I don’t hear from my manager for days or even over a week sometimes. I would find it annoying if they checked in on me everyday. We have two large group chats that people post to, so there is always some kind of informal chat happening. The extroverted members of the team like to chat on there. I’m introverted so I have those chats muted.

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