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  1. He says ADD, which is attention deficit disorder. After that he says “I can’t do it, I’m like, fuckin please”

  2. I've been developing a command line English dictionary look-up tool optimized for fastest card creation time and configurability. It's cross-platform and the look-up aspect of it even works on Android.

  3. I guess since I was watching it back when it first aired it’s crazy to me thinking people are watching it their first time now. May I ask how old are you?

  4. I've created a lot of cards through Ankidroid, but never sentence cards, only vocab cards.

  5. When i read books or comics i just look up words real quick for the sake of understanding and i don't make cards of the sentences because the process would be so boring, and sometimes i look up words i've looked it up before, so i hope somebody has a similar experience

  6. Well your foreign-language hearing ability is no doubt better than mine. Over time you will be able to understand all accents better because your brain will know which word best fits the sentence (using the context and probability) whilst sounding enough like what you heard. That's how you can understand what people say in your native language even if there is a lot of background noise.

  7. That's helpful, thank you sir for this detailed information, so in this case i guss i have two accents i need to work on, the new york city accent, and the southern accent, is there any accent sounds weird or different than others like those two accent? it would be helpful if you i know the answer to this question, because what i'm doing is that i'm focusing only on one accent at a time and try to consume as much content in this accent as i can. by the way i can understand the other guy 90%

  8. What is the site's name? Can you tell me how did you learn writing?

  9. If i were a god, i would protect every statue represents me, and if i couldn't, then either i'm a weak god who can't even protect his "statue" and the people who still believe in me and think i'm able to help them are just idiots, or im not a god, you gotta accept it, damn it!

  10. that's helpful, i get it, i like the way you rephrased the meaning in simple terms, thank you

  11. It means i can't give up the social media which "connects" me with the outside world

  12. "To have it all together" (or its much more slang equivalent, "to have one's shit together") means to be organized and confident, essentially. Imagine a person arriving at work early in the morning, perfectly well dressed, not a hair out of place, looking stylish and relaxed. Compare her to her colleague, rushing in the door a few minutes before 9:00, flustered and breathing heavily, hair uncombed, papers falling out of his bag. "Wow," he thinks to himself, "I've really got to get my shit together!"

  13. I understand every single word you said and i know exactly what you mean but i think the problem is here " It's important to remember that idioms don't always directly translate into other languages, so they may never make sense in Arabic"

  14. Haha do I know how to say “Have it all figured out” in Arabic? No, I don’t haha.

  15. I'm sorry, I don't speak redneck. What are they fighting over?

  16. Are you a native english speaker? I'm not, and can't understand them

  17. it's a ridiculous southern accent that's strong enough to confuse even native english speakers, so that's totally reasonable to not be able to understand them.

  18. i kind of got the feelings that it's a peasant dialect(i'm sorry if i'm wrong)

  19. I as a native English speaker have modeled speech patterns after those seen in movies. The only thing they don't teach you is that real people use words incorrectly, fill sentences with nothing words, and often say things with no meaning at all.

  20. Thanks for every one helped me, i really love how helpful and nice you guys are, that's why i wanna learn your language :)

  21. The cat abstained from eating mice bc she was on a diet

  22. Thank you, this site looks good, I’ll try it tonight, I’d like some recommendations as well, have you watched something cool? I like action, horror, comedy, drama

  23. First of all, are you learning a specific dialect? Second of all, i'm not a big fan of arabic tv shows and don't find them intresting, i would rather watch american tv shows(for both learning and entertaining purposes) , but, a few days ago, my mom wanted to watch a tv show on my phone, so i had to watch it with her, and i found it really good and intresting it's a syrian tv series, it's crime and mystery, you can watch the whole series here

  24. You will find the majority of the arabic tv shows on youtube, however, here you go

  25. I see. I'll take this into account. Thanks a lot!

  26. don't focus on the hamza rules, i don't know the rules of hamza although i'm an arabic native speaker, actually 90% of arabic native speakers don't know the rules of hamza, the 10% those are arabic teachers

  27. Arabic native speaker here, we can help each other, i'm learning English

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