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  1. I really miss the days when all electronics had clear plastic shells. It was fun seeing the circuits.

  2. Electronics manufacturers only stopped making transparent shells when the sole plant responsible for the colored acrylic resin shut down because it became overly expensive to create molds for brands. The trend even extended to electric guitars, though they weren't popular because of the differences in tone and the increased weight.

  3. Again, we will see. CEOs come and CEOs get shitcanned. The Ford CEO actually drove the GT4 race at Daytona during the Rolex. He is personally on board.

  4. The Team Target program ended due to the fall out from the data breach and the subsequent loss of revenue from shoppers staying away until Target offered to pay for identity theft protection for the affected customers.

  5. Yeah I have gotten Twins and Loons tickets through work as give aways. My point is one CEO change can kill off motorsports teams Which campus are you at? Im at TNC.

  6. Left quite awhile ago, but I was at TNC until 2013 and the Mobile ROC in North Texas until 2016. Started in store around Dallas in 2000 and went back and forth in the area until 2005. I got an opportunity at TNC around 2011and enjoyed it, but Dallas is home.

  7. Marketing is the biggest issue in IndyCar. Aparently, all of those schedule allignment thing with Texas and Gateway was because NBC just didn't think IndyCar had value to be putted on prime time slot (which the way to make the event solded), either on NBC or on USA. So with the increase of budget from marketing, we might see NBC and partners lifts off the limit to make races more profitable. It is a short term lost meaning we might see more mediocre pay drivers, but if it done properly it'll repaired the economy of the series long term.

  8. Texas and Gateway were turned into afternoon races because NBC no longer wanted to spend the money to broadcast races in the evening time slot, and that policy also applies to their share of the NASCAR rights. NBC loses money and viewers broadcasting night races in general because no one watches them compared to other sports.

  9. I think its discouraging that a lot of the big teams are saying that they have no money for the series and at the same time constructs massive new facilities.

  10. Those new facilities are being built with tax abatements, municipal subsidies and rebates to draw more non retail and warehouse jobs to affluent areas.

  11. I’m surprised he isn’t, or that the team doesn’t require him to use 1. Seems like a Penske thing to do lol

  12. Superstition on Will's and the team's part, the last time he ran the #1 on the car in 2015, he fell into the worst slump of his career.

  13. Why they broke up this team is still a mystery to me. If they can even capture one win this season it'll be a successful one.

  14. Eddie wanted out because he didn't want to travel anymore, but he was still working as a consultant, so it's a mystery to me why he decided to come back onboard full-time.

  15. Idk if you assume 10k a person for flight and hotel and 50 people, that’s still only $500k and haulers don’t cost a half million dollars. Something isn’t adding up

  16. Over the course of a week, it adds up to a million because you're not taking into account the running costs of the crew and running equipment. They clock hours once they step off the plane, not just when they're on track working.

  17. Which in reality guys like PMI are still sponsoring via that whole Mission Winnow thing.

  18. PMI officially divested itself of its Ferrari stake in 2022. It happened at the beginning of the year and the stake was converted into shares on the open market. They no longer wanted to deal with the EU and international regulators regarding the Mission Winnow sponsorship.

  19. Keep the cars in one piece and finish races, for one. The overdriving was all on him, and he had no reason to do it since his spot at AA was already secured.

  20. I tried finding Juncos merch last year, no luck. Hopefully I can this year.

  21. They're working on a shop for this year. They haven't had the staff to handle a shop until now.

  22. It’s awesome to think this team went from on the verge of out of the series couple years ago to this

  23. They were out of the series for three seasons, until Brad Holinger came onboard as a co-owner in exchange for re entering IndyCar. That sidestep into sports cars ended up setting the team back further than everyone thought.

  24. Enough to make Mr Penske not happy after the race. The Acura 1-2 also probably added insult to injury. Somewhere, I saw 9 million dollars thrown around for the initial investment/operating costs if Foyt bought a 963.

  25. Part of me wonders if Team Penske is out of their element in the BoP era of sportscar racing. They barely won the two championships they did win with Acura and didn't win any of the major endurance races.

  26. I don’t know, I think Cadillac and Honda had a bit of an edge to begin with in regards to running prototypes last year compared to BMW and Porsche. To borrow from Mark Donahue, Cadillac and Honda each have somewhat of an unfair advantage. Cadillac with the car counts and Honda with prior experience in hybrid power trains via F1. I believe Penske will eventually hit on it with Porsche, it took them a season with the ARX-05.

  27. I wouldn't go as far as saying that Honda and Cadillac have an advantage, because Penske gave themselves a head start by running an Oreca LMP2 car prior to taking delivery of the Acura DPis and they still couldn't get the team to gel around the sportscar program in the ways that most would consider ideal for a Penske-run program, which would include victories in the major endurance races on top of the expected championships.

  28. I feel like people, especially new fans misconstrue Open Test with being open to the public. Open Test refers to the fact that the test is hosted by the series and all of the teams are invited to participate. Unless it's explicitly stated otherwise, the test sessions are closed to the public and require media credentials to access.

  29. I thought the unpaid salaries story was about a dev in Russia (who refused to move out of country when the Ukraine war started and payment became difficult with sanctions). The same dev was already having issues with Motorsports Games over some "fake deliverables" that the Russian dev supposedly made for the NASCAR game.

  30. It's all the same story, and that investor that supposedly showed up last year never delivered the promised investment, hence this development.

  31. So them not paying a dev who faked code for deadlines is a million dollar debt? What?

  32. There are unpaid staff that have not received salaries going back months. This Russian dev you're specifically referring to is still under contract despite faking his work.

  33. Seems like NTT was upset that of the 12million or whatever they were giving CGR yearly only 180k went to the driver...

  34. NTT was never paying 12 million don't know where you got that number from

  35. NTT wasn't even paying half that number, hence splitting the season with American Legion sponsorship.

  36. NTT DATA was already on the way out before the Palou contract drama even started. The contract was up last season and they wanted to move to McLaren because of the existing relationship with NTT Communications, a relationship that goes back to 2014.

  37. No, the site forces you to use your phone number for SMS 2FA and doesn't give you alternative options to verify so that you can login to your account so you can activate replacement phones.

  38. What's missing is an alternative to SMS 2FA, especially when replacing phones. I've had to deal with this over the years and the process has become overly cautious, to the point where the dealers themselves get stuck and have no workaround for themselves to help customers.

  39. They're not exactly the best ambassadors for IndyCar as a whole, so this whole beggars can't be choosers thought process is BS. They're tolerated at best, but if the series really started to treat them like the media members they pretend to act like, a fair few of you would pitch a fit because they're being held to the same standards as Marshall Pruett or Jenna Freyer.

  40. I’m not sure I would call him an influencer. The only reason anyone has ever paid attention to him is because he’s using IndyCar content which he has essentially stolen from YouTube or other places online and posted it on Twitter.

  41. Every time I've spoken to anyone at IMS Productions about the account, they admitted that they know the account is stealing clips and they aren't cleared for social media, but IndyCar turns a blind eye because they didn't want to seem strict on social media posts.

  42. This doesn't, to me, explain why the premium package that fans can pay for in America is worse than the coverage international fans get for free.

  43. Because the uninterrupted broadcast offered to international viewers isn't meant to supplant or subvert the existing US broadcast deal, it's subsidized directly by NASCAR to reach markets that would otherwise not be able to watch the race at all.

  44. Except they did guarantee a commercial free broadcast.

  45. Did you read the fine print at the bottom? This is why I never upgraded from the $5 tier and the cop out they'll use when addressing the complaints:

  46. Magic Spoon is a part of a long line of previously online only products that landed distribution at Target where people can find out for themselves why most online-only products tend to fail once available on the mass market. Terrible cereal, terrible execution of an otherwise novel idea.

  47. I wonder what the clashes of sponsorship are.

  48. The ACO and FIA have separate deals in place with Michelin that directly conflict with IMSA's sponsorship and contingency deals, while the manufacturers pay different rates for marketing and participation between both series.

  49. The US branch and EU home office sign separate agreements with the respective sanctioning bodies, so they directly conflict with each other in terms of financial support.

  50. Thank you. That technology surely has evolved and would be so unique to the Series. In broad daylight it looked incredible.

  51. The biggest issue was that TV cameras couldn't pick up the LEDs from the typical positions clearly enough to show off the tech on TV, so there was nothing to sell.

  52. Did anyone ever see an LED test indycar did in the wheels of cars? I think Long Beach 2001

  53. You mean the LEDs that Newman-Haas ran in the wheels? That company went under not long after the race because they couldn't turn it into a viable product. The company was also supposed to become a team sponsor and the LED demo was supposed to drum up customers, but it didn't work out.

  54. The new teams that came in 2010 died in less than 5 years. It was a bad image for the sport that projects the image of being elite and high class to have teams that collapsed leaving unpaid bills and the series having to pay room and flights back for crew that got stranded in Japan because their cheques bounced.

  55. No bus or light rail anywhere is "economically sustainable". It's all ideological. I count riders too and rarely are they busy (few of the routes, couple key times of day). Most are empty. some have 1 or 2 riders.

  56. Trinity Metro has made great strides just in the last 5 years alone, but keep spouting off outdated stereotypes about mass transit.

  57. I think the NASCAR TV rights contract will be telling. NBC seems less interested in prioritizing auto racing since NBCSN went away, if they don't get out all together I would expect further marginalization in years to come.

  58. The fact that IMSA is on the upswing in term of manufacturer while NASCAR is stagnating is telling - NASCAR as a body isn't willing to face the reality that TV networks no longer want to give up 3+ hours of time that could be used for more valuable sports like golf and football.

  59. Over the next 2 years the retail footprint will shrink so dramatically that only a handful of high performing stores will remain.

  60. While people here can definitely claim to be working behind the scenes in the motorsport community, and may know things from their work... there's literally nothing to verify their claims, outside of them actually verifying themselves with us mods.

  61. That comment didn't make any sense to me either, production staff don't sit on plane tickets before an assignment unless plans changed. The ones who set up the production usually get flights booked days before their next assignment, sometimes being booked up to the night before.

  62. they don't have a media center? Where will they be taking the pictures for media day?

  63. Under a hastily prepared gantry with a backdrop in the middle of the makeshift pit lane,

  64. I don't understand this concern of ROI. Indycar is already going to be there in some capacity.

  65. The last time IndyCar went all out for streaming a test session, Fernando Alonso forced a production meeting that led to the series breaking even on the coverage because of the demand for footage from the rest of the world. This test session is nowhere near that level of demand and it would have lost money as soon as the cameras were turned on and the stream went live.

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