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  1. I'm a stupid person that doesn't understand or know how to do any of this.. surely it shouldn't be this hard?

  2. From Australia.. Same issue here. Not even just whatsapp but every app I use (chrome, Spotify, reddit, etc) + persists even on my laptop device..

  3. ki3e says:

    Probably a boost for schroders value also?

  4. ki3e says:

    Go home yahoo you're drunk

  5. ki3e says:

    "Advice: He played some basketball. Here are some stats."

  6. Unless you’re in a 8 team league or a non competitive 10 team league. Dropping him isn’t really an option. He’s kind of one dimensional but it’s highly unlikely you find an equally or more productive player in the FA pool.

  7. ki3e says:

    Would u drop for Jaden Ivey?

  8. Heard luka might be sitting tonight, you think he’ll be playing?

  9. Regular Season Record 121-131-3 (-35.71u)

  10. ki3e says:

    Is that right on BKN @ IND -1.5 game?

  11. ki3e says:

    So who gnna win phi v lal?

  12. ki3e says:

    Jamal Murray 3+ made threes @ 2.25

  13. Nate told Trae his hair was thinning. Trae wholeheartedly disagreed. But Nate was insistent that Trae should consider trying out a new haircut. I don’t think this relationship can be repaired fellas.

  14. ki3e says:

    Ahah nah actually?

  15. ki3e says:

    This has gotta be satire

  16. So I got a couple of messages after my last hoops pick when I shared that I was also thinking about Mitchell over 2.5 3's, they were wondering how many picks I do a day and if I could share them all. I'd say for hoops I do about 5 or so a day but I don't want to share all the ones I play. Reason is, even putting out one pick a day, that is so much extra sweat for me knowing many people could be tailing it, I can't do that for 5 picks a day, would be too much for me. Sorry.

  17. ki3e says:

    Wow.. thank you sir

  18. ki3e says:

    Wiggins PR o22.5 @ 1.80 feels too easy..

  19. To add to this, down the street from the GIM (the street with the fast travel) enemies respawn after driving back down to the mall and back so that’s a good place to grind. About 2-3am game time more enemies show up too. Good place for spamming, and there’s a drop point across the street from the enemies. Also sometimes Animals show up if you go up the stairs further down, and there’s an encampment of other enemies directly across the street of the fast travel. And sometimes behind in the parking lot, enemies also spawn. So if you haven’t max leveled, sleep 8+ hours for 20% buff (effective 1h real time) and go there. I find it less hassle than the arasaka park, just turn on music and go auto pilot. Kill > drive to mall > turn around, drive back > kill same group

  20. ki3e says:

    Appreciate the tips fam. Pacifica defs the place to be. Got my first platinum ! Yieeww

  21. ki3e says:

    Considering to drop for Seth Curry. With Deni moving back to bench don't feel he'd get significant playing time.

  22. ki3e says:

    So.. JSmith a drop now?

  23. ki3e says:

    So.. JSmith a drop now?

  24. Bet365 has steph curry O/U 26.5pts @-120. Whats the catch? Hes averaging 31pts a game this season and hit that every game except one.

  25. ki3e says:

    Curry averaged 25.4 pts vs MIA across the last 5 games.. MIA probs good at shutting him down or at least making him take forced shots.

  26. Bradley Beal o5.5 assists + Porzingis to score 15+ parlayed for +131.

  27. ki3e says:

    How do you feel about Porzingis o2.5 assists?

  28. ki3e says:

    How do you feel about Porzingis o2.5 assists?

  29. Should I drop Isaiah Jackson for him? Thinking of longterm upside for the season.

  30. ki3e says:

    Yeah ijax looking like a blocks specialist.. altho no scottie definitely had an impact.. I'd say a wait and see sitch

  31. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I think on Flashscore you could get that, just go to the sport you like, choose the match and there you can see the different bets at various bookmakers. Let me know if works

  32. ki3e says:

    Appreciate it my dude. It has the schedule and odds for MLs.. altho it'd be good to see player markets (odds for Harden to score over 20pts, etc) and the odds for over and unders for example..

  33. ki3e says:

    RPM for breakfast choom

  34. IDK, man. My gut is starting to tell me to watch out for LaMelo. On paper it looks great, but he's really young and that team has dumpster-fire written all over it. I can see them tanking and him sitting with a sore fill-in-the-blank all March.

  35. ki3e says:

    Not to mention Charlotte's terrible playoff schedule

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