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  1. I just have to add that I recently placed an order with Monos and have contacted customer support with multiple questions and even an order update and each time has been absolutely quick and fantastic support. Friendly and they’ve gotten right back to me. Actually, it’s been the quickest and probably friendliest customer service I’ve received by any company in a long time.

  2. That's good, maybe it means the company is working on its issues to become better. I guess that's all we can really ask for, right?

  3. They’ve been great. My only complaint is their shipping is very slow!

  4. I love the Camino 20! I have two so far and I use them for everyday activities like work, gym, and shopping… and I plan to take it for plane travel. I take the 35s to the beach, pool, and larger shopping trips.

  5. How big of a drink container can you fit in the side end areas of the 20? Large Tito’s bottle? Regular wine bottle?

  6. I can fit a yeti 36 bottle in each size; wine and liquor bottles also fit. I don’t have a large Tito’s so i can’t answer that but you might have a height problem even if the width is enough. Anyway, for the pool, with a bottle, I would go for a 35.

  7. Yea, I actually looked at the 35 today. It’s too big for my preference. It’s usually just me or me and the woman. All we really carry is two towels, a couple 20oz ramblers, and some sunscreen. Anything else is little and fits into a sidekick. Then we usually bring the M20 with all the drink stuff.


  9. I'm going to guess you have a Dean's plug on your Zeee battery. I have had more than one of them fail on fairly new batteries. But, fake Dean's are the only issues I've had with Zeees. My batteries from them with XT60s have been great.

  10. I believe it’s an EC3…it’s for an Arrma Senton

  11. Probably. Another thing you could check is the voltage at the main plug with a voltmeter

  12. I’ve had great luck with Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach and topped each day with a packet of Pro Plan Fortiflora

  13. i lowkey fucked with robert californa. “crocodiles are dinosaurs dwight”

  14. You low key fucked with Robert California? What does that even mean? You modestly had sex with him?

  15. Judging by the weed scale in the corner, that TV might actually be lower than you!!!

  16. There’s nothing to be conflicted about here. #TOODAMNHIGH

  17. It appears that is just the skin color, BUT if you want to try something (especially to clean the skin under the arms and in any folds) I would highly recommend

  18. Hmm maybe you’re right that I should just put all my items that need easy accessibility in my personal bag. 🤔 The extra pocket sounds convenient but maybe it’s too much of a compromise.

  19. With the Monos, it does not take away from the internal space.

  20. late to this convo, but after searching for real reviews on monos, i saw this post. I recently just travelled on a domestic flight with the July light carry on + large checked luggage.

  21. Monos customer support is actually top notch now. I’d take another look.

  22. So I recently ordered and had an insanely good customer service experience with them, so I'm pretty sure they've overhauled their customer service in the past few months. They got back to me instantly and committed to shipping out my suitcase asap (which they did) because of my upcoming trip and the shipping time. They were super responsive, friendly, and helpful. Would recommend 10/10.

  23. This! Their customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced recently and I’ve been in contact with them multiple times recently.

  24. I recently purchased some Monos luggage and throughout the process had multiple exchanges with customer support and even an order update. Monos customer support was absolutely fantastic. They were quick and super friendly. They must have changed since the original experiences here. They’ve been a joy to work with.

  25. If the vet diagnosed injury shouldn’t it be covered? I guess the orthopedic exclusion language detail is what matters.

  26. Well Thor hasn’t met the 6-month ortho waiting period yet. So anything ortho related that happens now will be determined to be pre-existing and won’t be covered once the 6 months is up. However, there was no real ortho condition that happened since the X-rays were clear. They might have diagnosed him with a strained muscle or something today, but I dont think that would give the insurance company grounds to deny a future claim of like hip dysplasia or a fracture that effects that same leg later in life.

  27. They most likely will try use your visit to say it was a pre-existing injury. That has been my experience so far with the insurance I have. They found a previous vet visit for something 100% unrelated to the current issue we were having. Because both issues were on the same leg they would not cover it. It’s kind of the way these companies operate, they devote a lot of resources to search for anything slightly related to disqualify claims.

  28. Is it an option to get a lawyer? That always seems to turn things around real quick with insurance companies

  29. Too many to lists. I have had my first for 4 months now. GET PET INSURANCE!!!! Plan to spend 10x what you were originally planning to spend to own one.

  30. Leave it be. He’s in control of his destiny, not you. He will get caught eventually. For all you know his wife may already suspect things are going on. Best to just move on.

  31. That just started with my 2 year old. I’m so thankful you posted this. His don’t bother him and I think he is allergic or sensitive to grass . We have one on apoquel and it’s been life changing but her allergies were severe . I’m gonna keep an eye on this for a minute. Please let us know or me know what the vet says. I’m so grateful you mention the scabs

  32. Oh thanks! I’m taking him to the vet today. I did email my vet over the weekend with the same pics and he recommended starting with a chlorhexidine shampoo to treat the superficial stuff. I did try Benadryl the last couple days, but that haven’t seemed to anything but make him tired. He doesn’t scratch or itch much from what I can tell. Like you said, it doesn’t seem to bother him much. I’m just disappointed this has started so soon (6mo old). I have always fed him Pro Plan for sensitive skin and stomach and added a packet of FortiFlora probiotic in his food each morning. He has never reacted to chicken in the past, but his food doesn’t contain it now anyways. There are so many things that have changed or been added in his life. He goes to obedience classes, doggy daycare when I’m working, the dog park once in awhile, he loves being outside and goes most places with me. He is completely spoiled with the best of the best everything. I am going to transition him onto Stella and Chewy freeze-dried raw and stop the Fortiflora starting this week to see if it helps at all. Keep in touch and maybe we can figure it out together! 🙂

  33. Yea let’s . We recently moved and it was a rough move. But now he has grass which is all I can think of. No food changes do you have a Kahoots food store near you ? They have an amazing easy to feed humane grade raw . And you don’t have to get a second job to buy it. Stella and cheesy is so expensive . I first thought he had a tick it’s weird. Lol though not as weird as my first frenchie woke up one morning and all the hair on his back fell out , like a reverse Mohawk . We never did figure that out

  34. Just got home from vet. They said allergies and gave him a cytopoint injection and some special shampoo to use twice a week for a few weeks. They said depending on the return of symptoms, may have to eventually go to allergist for testing to pinpoint allergies.

  35. You got a good life, you got a good life, a good life

  36. The doctor just prescribed us some medicine and we gave it to him I can find out what it was called if you want me too

  37. What was it? What was the diagnosis and med? Same thing


  39. I always buy direct from Apple. Never had an issue and I believe the customer support is better if you ever need it.

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