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Elon Musk Declares war on Apple. Puts!

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  1. I fucking hate our country’s medical system so much. Spent almost $80,000 this year.

  2. Yes! This is what I don’t get. I am Doping relatively well, I have a brokerage account with almost 6 figures, but I dread losing my job. I have to work 60 hours a week if I ever want to afford a home of my own.

  3. Damn, can't believe they were being used as human shields like that! Disgusting!


  5. Being a retard is cool in an ironic sense, but being a fucking idiot is another. How do Musk simps even look themselves in the mirror?

  6. If I wasn’t so jaded I’d think it was good, but the West is going to make it impossible to talk about the Nazis without talking about the Soviet Union. Just gotta change the subject to the Raj if they do that I guess.

  7. Nooo U.S intercepted unencrypted radio calls and predicted the Russian invasion. We’re better now bro, this time is different. No, don’t bring up that we yet again overestimated Russia. No, forget that we said Belarus was likely going to join the invasion. T-that’s Russian disinformation!

  8. That, my friend is a problem. Pay attention to the sun. That might get you back

  9. No! Keep walking towards the sun, let’s see if he will hit it!

  10. S&P is down 1/2 what TSLA is. TSLA is down 50%, AAPL is down 9% looks like a tech company can whether markets okay. In terms of losing value Musk is up there with Zuckerberg, who's company has lost 2/3 it's value.

  11. "Electricity coming back". That was underwhelming.

  12. Anybody here who follows the War in Ukraine YT channel… at this point I’m just waiting for him to say he wants the West to buy oil and gas from Russia like before the war, idk what he wants when he says the sanctions aren’t working they are hurting the west more than Russia

  13. If the West isn’t gonna send Ukraine modern MBTs and drones capable of carrying munitions, just fcking buy Russian oil already. These countries are helping Ukraine out, but at the same time they are dragging out the crisis. If Russian hasn’t shot down NATO satellites that guided their MLRS rockets Russia can be pressured more. I don’t think a lot of people who really root for Ukraine have grasped the fact that Western leaders are willing to have their own people and especially to people of Ukraine suffer in order to bleed Russia white.

  14. One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us.

  15. Think I might join a guerilla organization in Brazil if shit goes down.

  16. Only a Ukrainian can load mortars this quickly Slava ukraini. Harambe slava!

  17. I wondered why Russia just didn't do this when the war started. Then it came to me that when it started, they were trying to conquer a nation and annex it without rebuilding infrastructure.

  18. They thought they could just occupy the country. The war was lost before it even began.

  19. I get a dog whistle feeling whenever I see this picture.

  20. I've seen shitlibs complain about Iran playing in the world cup. Bro, these bots should be complaining about Qatar's immigration/labor laws.

  21. they were never meant for domestication, they need to be feral and wild.

  22. There is no such thing as a bad excavator, only bad operators.

  23. God dammit I want to fart in your face. Just want to let one rip right in front of your nose.

  24. Iirc Hitler called the slavs redskins and wanted to do them what the Americans did to the indigenous peoples. I might be misremembering but yeah Hitler was very much inspired by the racism of America

  25. Maybe they’re talking about when Trump had anonymous law enforcement officers pick up protestors/rioters off the streets.

  26. We are proud to announce an official partnership with the Left RedditⒶ☭ Discord server!

  27. Continuing to vote democrat isn’t a vote for a better society or government. It’s a cooling off period for the Republican drive towards authoritarian minority rule. That being said, I voted democrat. Us talking about not voting democrat on this sub won’t matter in the big picture. The majority of voters are low information voters who just vote for their team.

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