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  1. From the do-it-yourself category: "Friendship pins".

  2. Omg I remember those!!! Totally forgot about that, thanks for posting this!!

  3. I know, right? Probably a lot. But as with everything else, the real money is only if you kept it in the box, and no one did that.

  4. Carry On My Wayward Son (I smile and nod to you if you get that reference.)

  5. Norm MacDonald doing Weekend Update. His delivery every week in that skit was epic.

  6. I have a funny side note to this one that you probably never thought of. I used to take “Alpha” classes at Lifetime Fitness a few years ago. (It’s exactly the same as CrossFit, but they cannot use the term “CrossFit” because it’s trademarked.) They gave us all cute shirts that say “Alpha” on them. I never actually wore mine out in public, but I am sure others have. Lifetime is a national chain, it’s possible that person wearing an Alpha shirt takes Alpha classes at a Lifetime and was given that shirt. Especially if they were pretty fit, those classes were crazy extreme. But if that’s not the case, I am totally with you and that person is an idiot.😉

  7. Chocolate. But I am also allergic to it. Everyone always looks at me like I am crazy.

  8. Once Upon A Time was a genuinely interesting first season that if it had wrapped up there would probably have been hailed as an example of some good writing and great character acting years later.

  9. I agree 100%. I loved this show so much when it first came out. I kept watching even though it was going downhill simply because I felt “vested” in seeing it through. The finale was waaayyyy too much, no one ends a show like that trying to make everyone have a happy ending. The finale literally killed it for me, it was terrible.

  10. Eggs from a sweet old lady that raises her own chickens. Nothing better than farm fresh eggs.

  11. Not really an opinion but a fact, I am horribly allergic to chocolate. People always think I am lying and just don’t like it, but No…even the smell makes me sick.

  12. I am a girl, so I would pee standing up.

  13. From Dusk till Dawn. Me 10 min in: Wth just happened? How is this about vampires suddenly?

  14. Oh these were the best!! Did you ever get the kind with meatballs?

  15. Yes! I love both but prefer the original. I am 47 with kids and still buy both kinds regularly.

  16. Omg this!! We live out in the country and there are wild turkeys everywhere, so I can totally see this happening. Soooo funny.😂

  17. Garth Brooks The Dance. I cry literally every time I hear it, beautiful song.

  18. Arnold Schwarzenegger. But back when he made T2.

  19. Asking a women when she is due (assuming she is pregnant), only to find out that she isn’t pregnant. Oops.

  20. Jules Verne. Love that book by the way. And the movie.

  21. Journey to the center of the earth. Jules Verne is the author of the book which is a classic, and the movie with Brendan Fraser is awesome too.

  22. Titanic. There was room on that piece of wood for Jack dammit.

  23. I do this for every movie. Drives my husband nuts.

  24. I am very specific: Vanilla Haagen-Dazs.

  25. The comments in this post are hysterical.😂😂

  26. It didn’t help that I quoted it wrong the first time cuz I didn’t feel like looking it up. I had to for the second comment to make sure that I wasn’t quoting the wrong song lol. I love that you jumped in with advice and support though! Someone who’s mom talks to them like that needs it.

  27. For sure. I would be devastated if my mom talked to me like that. You can tell I really am a mom because I totally “didn’t get it” at first lol. Thanks for acknowledging that although I misread it, I was trying to help!

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