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[OC] New flag for our police

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[OC] Cop w/assault rifle ready to tase parents but won't help children in a school shooting

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  1. Sigh* I wish people read the whole quote but whatever

  2. Cowards all of them. I never wanna hear back the blue ever again they are not what Dick Wolf and his copaganda try to convince us every fall. They just as spineless as the politicians they protect!!

  3. I do think before this show ends we need a episode that explains why Thawne hates Barry so much

  4. They should still an episode set in the future where the story is played out

  5. Hmm the username and message are contradictory to each other

  6. And her daughter, her grandson and her granddaughter lol

  7. So how does something enter the public domain and what does that even mean?

  8. To be fair, I know a lot of conservatives that are for more gun control. Maybe not as extreme as some people want to take it but I think the far right is so super loud on this topic that makes it seem like all conservatives are anti-gun control but from my experience, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been surprised how many of my conservative friends have posted about or talked with me about stricter gun laws in the last few days. We’ve got to find a way to take the power away from the far right and NRA, they only represent a small number of people.

  9. The second slide is incorrect I think last I heard it was 90% of all Americans. Now the problem is those conservatives who are aren’t pro gun control enough to vote them all out since they’re clearly not listening to them

  10. I’m sorry, I don’t understand how your comment is related to my comment?

  11. I meant the second slide I’m sorry. It’s not 50% anymore it’s 90% I was just backing up what you said about conservatives being for more gun control

  12. I'm staying off Twitter today. Maybe that's selfish of me but I just...can't.

  13. I’m just so angry!! It was their last week of school these families should’ve been planning 19 summer vacations, 19 trips to Disney or the Grand Canyon not 19 funerals!!! Dammit I’m so fucking angry!!

  14. I know. I'm trying to channel mine into action - I already live in a blue state so my senators are on top of pushing gun control. But donating to places like Everytown, etc, just trying to do something.

  15. I was in one till January then the people here fell for that stupid CRT lie

  16. And when Cheryl Blossom thinks it’s too much it’s probably too much

  17. Every one of the should be fired and charged as accessories

  18. I love it. Jon isn’t used to people standing up to him. He goes in the bars and throws food on people (something you or I would be arrested for doing), scream at women (something real men should never do) and threaten to fire people and they all just take it. Someone decided I ain’t gonna take it good on him

  19. It’s a hamster wheel of death and I’m tired of running on it

  20. no but we can shame democrats into prioritizing this shit. republicans manage to get the shittiest policies across and dems just sit idle. I'm sorry but this isn't about republicans... it's about democrats not trying enough. they just want to play the middle

  21. The background check bill has stalled for 2 years only cause republicans won’t vote on it.

  22. but as you said, there's no swaying republicans! so what do we do? hope that we somehow get a supermajority again? It's just not working. pushing people to rely on voting and assuming dems are some heroic force is not working. kids have been dying for decades...

  23. As much as I hate saying it. We gotta vote dems in on such a number they they have more than the 60 votes and also making Manchin and Sinema irrelevant

  24. They over here playing board games while Iris is missing?!?

  25. Lol ok, well you keep on holding hope that Madi is a closet gun control advocate. I agree I’m making assumptions, but Madi is not worth the benefit of my doubt.

  26. “Yeah I’m making assumptions and I’m not gonna stop” lol

  27. Exactly it depends on the season. I loved her in season 1 and hated her in season 3.

  28. I’d love to see a Xena reboot in modern times

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