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  1. I love the 2 holes straight ahead of you. Though the one going uphill will play a little long.

  2. This course is a lot of fun . We arrived Thursday and stayed onsite with unlimited golf ... played 6 rounds of 18

  3. Some of the fescue, especially around the traps, were starting to turn . The trees are still very lush and green.

  4. Don't know about y'all elitists, but me and the boys always hit up Club B's on our road-trips. However, we've yet to find one that close to being palatable, from the heart burn margaritas to diarrhea chicken wonton tacos.

  5. There's already too much Chinese plastic in the ocean

  6. The legends look like a motorcycle cosplay from a RuPauls drag show episode ... wth lol

  7. I caught a crab a few weeks ago. The little bastard gave me more of a fight than most fish that I've caught! 🤣

  8. it's NY.. they don't get charged anyway.

  9. Usually they charge those defending themselves

  10. Chamomile tea definitely makes me sleepy lol haven't used any of the other one for medicinal purposes. I have a very hard time sleeping all the time and on those nights where I absolutely need to sleep chamomile tea seems to come through.

  11. I had a ceasar salad the other day where they flash grilled the romaine lettuce before adding anything. It was very good

  12. People who don't stop talking about all those "great shots" they make.

  13. Ban national cheese day because I'm lactose intolerant

  14. I forgot to activate the brake on my bagboy and it rolled down into a bunker :/ played well though

  15. Dominos , papa Jones etc are crimes against pizza ... this is a food Frankenstein

  16. Dude looks like an Olive Garden chicken parm

  17. Yea idk braj.... I have a feeling the inch of cheese didn't allow the small ass flame to Burn the burg

  18. Yea yea I look like a dirt bag Otto rocket Yea yea my food standards are smaller than my dix

  19. Run the condom through the dishwasher so you do your part to fight global warming #reuse

  20. Our sausages are bettah than your sausages !

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