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Cyclist chases a dog that was running in the middle of an avenue to protect him from the vehicles. She chased the dog for over 600 meters (0.38 miles) and didn't rest until he was safe. She and the people who helped out are heroes.

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  1. Definitely not in this economy. But I am also risk averse.

  2. They are selling themselves and each other. And they got what they wanted. A new show which means more 💵💵 and fame.

  3. Not me thinking you meant beards as in a beard partner to hide one's queerness.

  4. Both cool and not. Procrastinator me needs it but ADHD me would die lol

  5. This is the right answer here!!!

  6. Haha!! I'm learning that. Thos is my first time navigating the corporate environment and it's a jungle out here.

  7. Always look out for yourself first, and be ruthless about it.

  8. What a stupid dog. Like where are you going? And if you insist on going anyway, must you run on the road?

  9. Excited for this. The number of issues that could be avoided by using any other browser. Fingers crossed for some of those questions to stop lol.

  10. I have never heard this before. Are you sure? Has anyone tried waving bacon in her face? Cheese?

  11. I have never heard this before. Are you sure? Has anyone tried waving bacon in her face? Cheese?

  12. I think her and Chelsea could have gone a few sizes smaller boob wise. The proportions are always a little off to me.

  13. I don't understand why folks think that Chrishell not letting Christine walk all over her like Christine does to the other girls = manipulation. Some of y'all don't have boundaries in your life and it shows.

  14. Me too…like down to my bones. That was one of the harshest, most cruel things you could say to someone at that moment, let a lone anytime.

  15. It was just so unnecessary to say in the moment? So wholly unnecessary. No matter how much they are trying to redeem her now that moment still sticks out to me as the most cruel moment of the show. (Tying with Christine talking shit about Chrishell to the press when Chrishell was dealing with the death of her parents, but we didn't see that in real time so that one's less significant.)

  16. NTA. Sounds like she used you for a new laptop. It's not rude to get it back from the sister. I would and then I would probably break up the relationship. But that's just me.

  17. Whoever you pick just book ASAP!!

  18. I love Planner. (And Tasks in Outlook.) Plus it's in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  19. Looks very similar to MS Planner, I like it.

  20. Yes. Was just going to say this looks like Planner. I love Planner.

  21. Very sketch. Hard no for me personally.

  22. Nah, It's still the AH dad in a recent AITA whose first wife bought a gas station with her own money, died, and left him with instructions to pass it onto her son as her legacy. That AH OP is now being manipulated by his new wife, and now the AH wants to split first wife's gas station three ways between his new wife and his stepson thus essentially giving her a 66% stake and leaving his son, whose mother solely bought the gas station I repeat, with only 33% ownership of his mother's legacy. And the AH is leaving everything else of his to his new wife + a trust for his step son. So he is majorly screwing his son over and giving away most of his son's inheritance when his dead wife trusted him to do right by their son. I am still infuriated by that story.

  23. A few people have already said it but I just want to reiterate that your resume does not read Help Desk at all. It reads like you are sending a generic resume to any and all positions and hoping someone calls you back. You will need to get more help desk specific.

  24. This one wins the most unoriginal MLM award. 🏆 I know they are in for the scam, but do they genuinely think this will take off?

  25. That post infuriated me. I hope he recovers his spine and doesn't let his wife fuck over his kid.

  26. I read that yesterday and I am still angry at that father. What a gutless AH.

  27. Right? If she's this entitled to her half siblings can you imagine how she'd be to the other unrelated staff working there? It's an easy no for me.

  28. NTA. You are doing the right thing. And going about it the right way.

  29. She just doesnt retire and go work? And reduce her ridiculous lifestyle. Wtf is 3500 usd/month when you dont work. 42k clear I dont know what that is before taxes but that is way above the average in the us.

  30. I calculated and it's around 48k a year pre tax give or take a few k depending on the state. That's indeed a ridiculous lifestyle for someone who doesn't work.

  31. $3500 a month will be way too much to be spending for someone who doesn't have an income. Retire from what? How? To retire means you have enough money saved to live out the rest of your life. She doesn't. She cannot "retire".

  32. NTA but y'all need therapy. Family and Individual for Cole.

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