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  1. I got there at 4:45 and doors opened at 6:30 but I bought a quick pass ticket so I was able to go in at around 6:15!

  2. I got there later than I wanted but ended up right in front of Thom. Everyone was bunched toward the center when I arrived. I also didn't stop at merch or drink so.. I just wanted to land and have a place to lean and dance

  3. Such good sound here. I was near you it appears I was just to the right of the guy in glasses at the barricade

  4. Liar this is read the room and I'm not disappointed ha

  5. Yes... At grace jones in the same venue I just saw the smile in. It was taken away from me.

  6. Aw, you had it handled pretty well yourself - we were just kind of there. I would’ve been way more freaked out than you seemed in that situation.

  7. Xo I kept vacillating between dread and excitement. Excitement won. I found my wallet.. left it with another bag. But I swore I grabbed it.

  8. Glad you guys are on here. I do most my social media stuff on ig. typicalsound if you're so inclined. Lots of cats

  9. Yeah Bodies Laughing is probably my least favourite too.. and I'm not sold on Read The Room. My other faves are Under Your Pillow and People On Balconies

  10. I like read the room. I wasn't completely sold on bending hectic until seeing it live last Monday. It was spellbinding. I'm sold on all the songs now. Even those yet to come ahahaha

  11. I’m there the person I was going with Ed to cancel. If anyone knows anyone who wants the ticket for general admission, please reply.

  12. I wonder if I can get there from Grand rapids Michigan in time

  13. I didn't wait around. It was so incredible.. the lights and everything sounded so tight.

  14. I'm torn. I need to be talked into getting a bus ticket. I'm blown away that none of my local friends/acquaintances are going. I made a rare foray into Facebook and posted the event to see who else was going but crickets. Ha. When rh plays near lots of them go.

  15. I'm having transportation issues. I'm taking a bus from Grand rapids to Detroit arrival around 5pm. Probably just walk to the venue and will probably have to line up lol. Maybe sit at the temple bar for a bit

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