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  1. I wondered the same thing when I saw “R.I.P Humans” and if you noticed, it appears the robots in the control room also speak the language as the regular companions in the city

  2. Ooh, that's a really good point. At first I thought humans wrote the "R.I.P Humans" thing, but I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense because it seems like they were really controlled, even in the slums

  3. Honestly, I don't think it was as bad as people are saying, and I don't think Game Theory is getting continuously worse. Yeah, it was a stretch, but I don't think he was just trying to be edgy/different for views.

  4. If you look up "Stray B 12" on Etsy a few come up, and there will probably be more soon since the game has blown up so much (People can call it a "cash grab" all they want, I'm just thrilled that there's a bunch of new cat-themed and stray-themed things to buy, lol)

  5. You have to repeat the level "/ Learned that the hard way

  6. I'm fairly certain that's a bug. Are you playing on PC or console?

  7. So you might have to tweak your graphics settings or something, maybe look up the recommended specs and check them against yours? Sorry, I don't know a whole lot about that, all I know is that I played on PS4 and it didn't look like that.

  8. They're*, and no one knows but the dev team, the game just came out, chill people.

  9. With how much everyone has been talking about it, I actually forgot it came out less than a week ago.... Cat people have no chill, lol

  10. I wonder what triggers this glitch, I had it too. Scared the crap out of me when I first ran into it, lol

  11. This is a really nice shot right here. Congrats!

  12. She really is ♡ Her eyes look really sweet in every picture I have of her....Meanwhile, my other cat Jimmy looks like he's seeing demons at all times, lol

  13. Yep I remember when this happened, I was telling our friend about this yesterday. You just can't explain it, there is no reason for it to happen but it did. The video and words were completely different. From We've had to we have. It's crazy. It's what happened to me and the Thinker too. His hand was on his forehead and everyone was talking about how it used to be on his chin which is how I remembered it and then it was back on his chin.

  14. I had to Google the Thinker because I couldn't believe that it could be on his chin again when it was such a big thing when people realized it was on his forehead... It's crazy that more people aren't talking about that

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