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  2. Pringle is such a HAM for the camera. I cannot handle it!!

  3. Glad I watched til the end. She slid down and ran away in shame.

  4. Does kids play sand hold a better cool?? I’ve been using reptile sand for years now and just ran out of my bag.

  5. No, it’s the same. Many people who have reptiles and use repti sand prefer children’s play sand because it’s cost effective. There isn’t any difference in how it effects temperature.

  6. But there is a huge difference in how it affects reptiles. Play sand is not good for reptile raspatory systems and can cause infections. I may not have my hams anymore, but I still have reptiles.

  7. I have reptiles myself and use a mix of play sand and top soil. Before getting any reptiles I did extensive research on what substrate to use and I have to say… play sand is probably the most controversial substrate.

  8. She looks extremely pleased. Literally smiling from cheek to cheek!

  9. SKIN DADDY?! Then I swiped….it all makes sense now.

  10. Ooh! Are these the Niteangel Harvest Wind/Flower Path? They look exactly like described! I was hesitant to buy because they didn’t have any photo reviews on Amazon. They look amazing!

  11. Kinda going for an infomercial vibe by using a black and white photo as the before pic haha

  12. ”Are you tired of the same boring hamster cage?”

  13. How long have you had your robo? I’ve had 8 robos before and although their personalities were all very different, they were all somewhat timid. Some even took months to tame. The one thing that had worked for all of my hamsters was having a consistent routine. I would visit their enclosures around the same time, twice a day. Once in the early morning or evening hour (with seeds, there favorite was flax and quinoa). The second would be at night (with a strong smelling vegetable, there favorite was cauliflower) before I would go to sleep. I’d lightly blow into their nest so they knew I was there and at first they’d usually poke their head out to see what was going on. I did this consistently over a few weeks and they began to know the routine. Instead of being hesitant, they would zoom out at full speed to look for me.

  14. I rinse and scrub mine with hot water and place them in the oven to sanitize. I usually do it at 210 F for 45 minutes.

  15. It depends on what it’s made out of. I like the natural toys they have that are made with coco husk and sisal. The ones made with yarn/plastic/dyed wood are best avoided in a permanent enclosure but I think they can be great for playpens when they are being supervised.

  16. It’s honestly up to you. Even with reputable brands mites and other bacteria could still be a possibility. For me personally, I always bake everything if I can. There are a lot of things that can withstand the cold and just go dormant.

  17. Do you mind sharing how/at what temperature you bake it? Also, do you have to wet it afterward? I’ve read conflicting suggestions on whether to keep it moist or leave it as is. Seems both options could be dangerous in different ways.

  18. I bake mine at 200 F for about 45 minutes. I’ve read similar conflicting info regarding wet vs dry. The problem some people have when it’s dry is that it can be dusty and keeping it damp can cause mold. My girl likes to sit and eat in it so I prefer to keep it dry. I personally haven’t had any problems with it being too dusty.

  19. I currently use a mix of Kaytee Clean & Cozy, Carefresh, and orchard grass. It sounds high maintenance but it’s honestly the best burrow combo I’ve found, especially when packed down tight. (

  20. What ratios would you recommend? Do you mean like mixing them and dumping for more layering? I’ve seen people layer in hay before. I’m assuming it was orchard grass or some variety. But not about mixing them

  21. Yes I mix it all together. I prefer this method because it holds the burrows from the very top to the bottom of the enclosure. I find that layering doesn’t hold it as well. Most people use timothy hay or orchard grass. I like orchard grass because it’s much softer. Timothy hay can be sharp and hams can poke themselves in the eye when burrowing or poke their cheek pouches if they accidentally pouch it.

  22. That Whimzee makes it look like she’s the size of a robo 😂

  23. Adding linoleum tile is a safe option to use. As long as it’s tiled properly (no gaps) then it’s super easy to clean and is difficult for a hamster to chew through.

  24. If anyone can answer my question, I would appreciate the help. My robo dwarf hamster gave birth under the left side of the table. I don't know if the babies are still alive but the mom has been digging more holes and storing a lot of food. At 1am-6am she would scavenge for food and go on her wheel. She has been storing a lot of food so I am thinking she is doing it for her pups? Should I remove the table to check on the pups? It's been a week so far. Also do pups make noises?

  25. I’ve been in the same boat. I adopted my robo with her pups. Unfortunately, they didn’t separate her from the male so she was pregnant again when she came home with me. Poor thing had two litters before she was 4 months old. The most important thing is to leave her enclosure alone for at least 14 days. Same goes for her pups. If you notice a pup has wandered out from the nest, leave it be. Mom will fetch the pup later. I’d also advise that you take out her wheel. Mom may get a little “wheel crazy” and decide to run on her wheel instead of nursing. Pups can’t survive for long without mom. She may also try and put her babies in her wheel which could harm them.

  26. Would it stress her out if I remove the wheel now? Also should I remove the table because the pups are under the table. I don't know if it will stress out the mom. I don't want her to eat her babies.

  27. She may be wondering where her wheel is but this will ensure the safety of her pups. Since it’s been about a week now, go ahead and wait another week until you move the table.

  28. Its 50% sawdust (right) and 50% "digging" stuff (left). I will add more of the non sawdust stuff!

  29. Please remove all of the sawdust bedding. Sawdust is extremely dusty and can cause serious respiratory problems for your hamster. If you’re looking for a wood based bedding, the only safe option is aspen. Pine and cedar can cause respiratory problem for hamsters as well.

  30. The chemical you have to avoid for all smal rodent species are phenols. They occur naturally in pine and cedar and cause upper respiratory infections. In general aspen bedding is okay, but still very dusty and not great for the little hammys.

  31. Aspen is a great and safe option for hamsters. Dust depends on the quality of the product and how it’s manufactured. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the aspen wood itself. The same could be said about paper based bedding.

  32. Try and put barriers up in every room and use treat traps. Lay plastic grocery bags completely flat on the ground and put his favorite treats in the middle. Set several of these up around the sides and corners of each room. The plastic bags will help so you can hear him if he takes the treats. I’d also suggest placing flour along the sides and corners of the walls. This will help to narrow down the area he’s in, as the flour will leave footprints behind.

  33. I wouldn’t risk it. Whatever chemicals it’s preserved with can’t be completely verified as safe. The preserving process also gets rid of the natural color the moss has and most manufacturers will dye it to get its natural color back.

  34. I put barriers up in every room and used treat traps. I laid plastic grocery bags completely flat on the ground and put their favorite treats in the middle. I set several of these up around the sides and corners of each room. The plastic bags helped so that I could hear them if they did take the treats. I also placed flour along the sides and corners of the walls. This also helped to narrow down the area they’re in, as the flour will leave footprints behind.

  35. How long have you had your robo? I’ve had 8 robos before and although their personalities were all very different, they were all very timid in the beginning. They also varied when it came to Gerber puffs. They were picky about the flavor and some would only munch on it if they were in the mood.

  36. Yes for the time being they're sharing the same cage, I will be separating them soon though. Just waiting for some things that I've ordered so they'll have 2 of everything. I don't think he's been kicked out because they've never fought and even when his brother isn't in the house he sleeps out. There are nights where they both sleep in the house though but he prefers outside. I could be wrong though

  37. May I ask what type of bedding you’re using? My girl was very fussy when it came to what bedding was allowed in her nest lol.

  38. went to buy food for my hamster yesterday and saw two dwarf hams housed together with a terribly small saucer wheel and in the enclosure next to them was a lone gerbil with a wire mesh wheel ):

  39. The worst feeling honestly. I hate seeing gerbils alone. They need companionship and can become very depressed/sick without another friend.

  40. Well that explains the unemployment.

  41. The nice thing about vitamin c is that it cannot be rinsed off once it’s absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed (30 minutes) it will remain active for about 72 hours. (Provided that the vitamin c is formulated with the correct pH and the product is stored in stable packaging.) Since it can’t be rinsed off, using it less frequently may be beneficial for your skin.

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