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  1. Personal favorite: [[Bess, Soul Nourisher]] because I love my soup kitchen queen and her army of giant 1/1s so much

  2. What has winota been missin out on? It’s a stax deck that functions at the speed of an aggro deck that always gets a few cool new human and non humans with every set. Honestly never heard of Winota “needing support”

  3. FWIW if you like their content but are interested in watching gameplay that is closer to an actual EDH table (i.e. less sculpted for maximum casual spectator entertainment) then check out their Extra Turns videos — basically like what if a Game Knights video assumed you already knew how to play Magic

  4. In the process of rebuilding legacy elves... recently got a Gaea's cradle for 475$ usd

  5. You’re gonna have to be more specific than that. There are three Urzas in this set

  6. Wow, I completely forgot Emerge was a thing! This would be such a sick mechanic to flesh out with Precon support. We may yet have dinosaur fight club when we return to Ixalan next year! Here's hoping.

  7. Am genuinely anxious at how hard it’s going to be updating my tuned Gishath deck for when the next Ixalan comes out. It’s already stuffed full how will I make room 😭

  8. At this point it's worth waiting for the proxies to hit the market, maybe there will be a sufficient dip for you, but growth is not close

  9. I would be shocked if this has any appreciable affect on prices

  10. Not sure if you want to go this direction, but just pointing out that Zaxara goes infinite mana of any color with either of [[Pemmin's Aura]] or [Freed from the Real]] which makes a decent number of X-spells instant wincons.

  11. So while not overly popular, but certainly not unheard of either, is rat tribal.

  12. A counterspell based around “fighting” on the stack sounds sick. Like “I’m punching you so hard you didn’t happen” with a vivien-looking spirit bear on it maybe.

  13. “Counter target spell if it’s mana value is less than or equal to the power of target creature you control. That spell deals damage to that creature equal to its mana value” is something that has to happen eventually. Tick tock…

  14. Ok actual question though: Since the only red pip on this card is in the quoted rules text defining the token it creates, does that contribute to color identity? I’m gonna assume so just based on blanket color identity rules, but it seems like a weird case and I could imagine the exception going the other way here?

  15. Yeah, it's a bit weird for sure. The only reason why it seems that this card is Gruul is because Banana tokens aren't widespread, and the rules for them have to be spelled out. If they were more commonly used (like treasure tokens), the mana they produce might be communicated via reminder text (or not at all).

  16. I guess the answer there would be that treasures and etc. expressly create mana of “any color”, which itself is not a phrase that confers color identity. If the rules text for treasure was something silly like “Tap, sacrifice: Create one mana of {W}, {U}, {B}, {R}, or {G}” then according to Exhibit A: Kibo, any creature that created a treasure would have a 5c color identity. My guess is that they gave Banana tokens the colored pips as a cute way make a Gruul commander who was slightly easier to cast, or maybe cause they feel like monkeys should be firmly centered in Green, idk. It also makes a bit more sense because each opponent gets a Banana as well, so offering two colors instead of one makes that actually relevant a lot more of the time.

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