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  1. nah I think they probably reached out directly. I've had that happen and if the character is a very specific type and you've known the casting director for years then it makes sense

  2. I noticed that you specifically said “good reps on paper.” That makes me wonder if you’re either being hippocketed, or something happened like your agent left or something? But my first instinct is that you may indeed need new reps, or at least need to work on your relationship with your reps. But if you’re indeed with a good agency and are a white guy, you’d at least be getting auditions for like low budget indie movies. Those all look for a white guy of some kind. But there are things not lining up, so either there’s info missing or your reps could be lying to you.

  3. My agent has been with me for +5 years and I really like her (she has good contacts), but I don't recall having signed a contract with her? Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure we have signed contracts together when I was booked for something but I don't think I have a contract with her, you know? She's pretty laid back, she also represented me without having seen me in person, just by recommendation and my reel and pictures. We've only seen each other twice in the annual gatherings she does with all her talent. I just want to know if someone has been in the same situation? Some people told me that's not cool and that I need to sign a contract, but everything's been good for the past few years and I feel so weird asking for a contract now, you know?

  4. imo its much better to be freelance with your reps than contracted, especially if you have a good relationship with them

  5. imo its much better to be freelance with your reps than contracted, especially if you have a good relationship with them

  6. Legitimate talent agencies and casting directors don't really care about how many followers you have, it's about if you can act and what experience you have doing it. That's why they have influencer managers/ agents. Only if absolutely necessary would they consider someone's following but it's far from the most important

  7. lmao yeah no as long as they arent a brick wall on camera it'll definitely be helpful to them

  8. it sounds like you need to schedule 6-7pm every day to be your self tape time

  9. thank youuu this is the most helpful list anyone makes all year

  10. Film people, what's something I as a stage actor have never considered about your styles of acting?

  11. Maybe how the people in charge of telling the story are reading the script.

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