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  1. I'm 5'8" 155 and feel like my dr650 is too small! My KLR is nice and roomy except for that Japanese peg/shifter placement. Rode my dad's crf250f and it felt like a bicycle whipping it around. Thought about finding a used xt225 because of the older models weight and size.

  2. I didn't realize it was primarily ready for release/play...thought it was early access and actively in development.

  3. No I think that's fair. I would probably list my 91 for just under $3000 and it's in excellent condition with extras. I would probably list my DR650 for more.

  4. Read this partway down where it references the hole position.

  5. Did you fill up with gas that morning or before your ride? Drain some into a clear bottle, let it settle, and look for separation. Rule out contamination as well.

  6. I’ve never done this. Is this something people do regularly? At each fuel up?

  7. No, I only suggested it because he has running/fuel issues.

  8. Bloodline Champions and Battlerite were done well...just not a great genre to compete in at the time. I think it's awesome to see that same development/game style put into something with a bit more than an arena game.

  9. Speak for yourself, some of us are old, slow, and suck at this game.

  10. I'm way better at Onward for the reasons you mention. I constantly and narrowly lose trades in Contractors even though I usually get the jump on others with positioning. I think more lethality punishes those who can just sprint and hop around.

  11. With Onward being kind of buggy and a really slow development cycle I would love this.

  12. A little too loose. You can measure the total vertical play with a tape measure. Look up the spec online.

  13. I feel like Lexus should be on here but I’m guessing it’s not because less people have them than these brands in general?

  14. A lot of brands share the same engine and parts in models, like Lexus and Toyota. Similar to how you just have different luxury models between certain Chevy GMC Cadillac or Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles.

  15. Canada, those ain't American Smarties. Well still... North America I guess.

  16. A quick and easy way to see what's still somewhat active is to download gameranger. Similar to the older and traditional 3rd party matchmaking/server browsing clients that we used to use (mplayer/GameSpy, xfire, etc). Take a look at the supported and currently played titles. Gameranger takes care of the server/client settings to make some of the older matchmaking systems/defunct serving systems still work with ease.

  17. Milos on shapeways. Designed for and work well with with the cheap Zenni rounds.

  18. Im off the us and Canada, so shipping was going to cost a lung and a half

  19. Oh I see. You can also buy the digital 3d print file and have someone print it for you. You would just need the Zenni round lenses then.

  20. Legendary FPS game that as Civvie mentions is part of that odd transitional post-Quake era of old school FPS games where you'd find Unreal, Quake 2, and Half-Life.

  21. I think it's being worked on. The Force Engine project says it will also plan to support outlaws and mods.

  22. I like the recoil system change. It's silly to be able to full auto and be accurate. I do not like the damage model. Too meaty.

  23. N64 was the worst version/port.

  24. This sometimes happens in broken/glitchy servers. Frames will tank in the tent. Happens on all platforms.

  25. yep, they changed the damage system. I do not like it.

  26. Well that stinks. I haven't had a chance to try the update yet. I like the idea of more recoil but actually hoped bullets would be more lethal. I feel like that's sensibile when you make hitting targets more difficult with sustained fire. More of a realism-like play.

  27. Analog movement works normal for me with WMR. Twinstick. You can have extremely fine movement in game with the stick. Some people experience drift and have to adjust deadzones, too.

  28. Quest 2 only? I haven't heard this being available for PCVR. Set me straight if I'm wrong.

  29. This is how it is. Fold a bit of the bead in at a time. Some tires go in easier than others. After a few times you'll get better at it. Be careful not to pinch the tube or put the tire in the wrong direction or you'll get to do it again!

  30. Yeah, I'd love for the glow sticks in meat grinder to be available too.

  31. Sorry about your injury. Your daily dualsport drawings brought me here.

  32. Just run your title through steam (whether bought through steam or added to your library as a non steam game). Steam input will allow you to use the gyro, rumble, and trackpad natively and all over Bluetooth. Allows for customizing how they function as well as controlling the led light bar on the controller. Can also bind whatever keyboard/mouse buttons you want as well as certain system actions.

  33. A polished milsim, something quite a few steps above Onward. Like Arma or Squad but VR. Bonus for combined arms play. VTOL VR but with infantry would be so awesome. I've not played Tarkov, but I'm sure people would kill for something on that level in VR.

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