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  1. Just tested on my 2070, installed the driver 522.25 and the fps are down. I running on the 457.30 driver is definitely better.

  2. I've tested both.. I will test the newer driver again but when I've tested a recent driver it was causing more stutters and fps drops. I'll try the most recent one again as it's been quite a while and i'll see how it does.

  3. Yes, I forgot exactly.. How ever I found an iso file on the internet and it said it's for macbook (Win 10 because windows 11 was buggy from what I read). It worked fine.

  4. Redline it, should do the trick.

  5. Hm I've read people who said it should be even less. Make what stable exactly?

  6. The voltage. I don't want it playing from 1.35v to 1.4v as my cpu requires quite a high voltage to run at 4.2GHz.

  7. On idle the voltage will be lower due to power saving. I don't know why you'd want it to be higher when it's not needed?

  8. Since the CPU won't run well on 1.35volts @ 4.2ghz I don't want random crashes on Idle.. That's the reason.

  9. uhh, unless you’re getting a beep code or mobo light j wouldn’t think too much of it. Just make sure the power cable is in your pc enough as that can be the cause

  10. Nothing, just annoys me really. Shouldn’t be doing it.

  11. Yeah. I had that issue with my pc, except I legit just couldn’t boot further than the 1 second. CMOS reset fixed it, and checking cable

  12. Resetting the CMOS would be kind of pain in the ass, as my bios is updated and quite modified. I'll see what I can do if this issue persists though. Pressed the power cable going to the PSU and see if anything changes.

  13. It says F20 in the title, typically suspension parts are not backwards or forwards compatible. Manufacturers are continuously reengineering and improving their products, at least they should, specifically for a direct generational upgrade.

  14. I know, is F20 how ever will they still fit or no?

  15. What game(s)? There are games that are reliant on per-core performance of the CPU and others that rely on the GPU.

  16. Rx 6600xt used or new depending on budget. Best value 1080p/1440p GPU. At 1080p he should consider upgrading CPU as well. Even though it’s a budget motherboard it will support Ryzen 5000 CPU after bios update. Ryzen 5600 used or new will add 20% of performance alone.

  17. He doesn't wanna spend alot. Just upgrading the gpu should cap at 144fps

  18. This is a woman's only street wear reddit.

  19. 2400 probably won't bring out the fullest of the 2060 super. In fact you might see CPU usage spike up to 100% in certain games, and that may cause frame dips/stutters. Not too familiar with how that works but yeah, it's not the greatest.

  20. I was thinking a normal 2060 instead of super.

  21. I think a 2060 only requires 500W, so that may be more in line with what you want.

  22. Yes, I can get one listed for 270 euros and its the OC version. I may negotiate the price around 240 maybe. I was researching if that should do the trick for 144capped. I can also put a wraith prism stock cooler on his build as I have one spare so I could OC it to maybe 3.9-4ghz and also his GPU which may be even better in performance.

  23. Yes, the issue here is MOT how ever people pass depends on your luck and also emissions

  24. This tuner can help you assuming you are in Europe?

  25. Far from me, I know there are alot of great tuners in UK however I don't live in UK

  26. So instead of trying to fix the problem, you disabled the fault....and you're now wondering about what the issue could be?

  27. Won’t be replacing the EGR again as I don’t want it to be faulty again and waisting my money. I just want to disable it and leave it there when the car goes to inspection as it’s “required”

  28. 16-18-18-36-54/56 should bassically be ez mode.

  29. There are more slots where I can put timings, do I leave them on auto?

  30. Other than possibly forcing 1T and disabling GDM, yes for now. If you were more knowledgeable of the IC's you could just smash trfc down aswell and go from there.

  31. Quite new on overclocking tbf, but i'll see if leaving them on auto will do.

  32. The only thing being limited would be GPU since the 450 only has gen3 speed and not gen4 pCIE

  33. The GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card is a PCI Express 3.0 ?

  34. Then no worries? Like I said to my knowledge the only thing being slowed might be that but since 20 series rtx is 3.0 not 4.0 pCIE then you will be fine getting a 5000 CPU.

  35. I was worried as I'm usually an over clocker guy. Max boost clock is Up to 4.7GHz on the R7 5800x and I am not sure if my B450 is capable of doing that.

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