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Megathread: Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested Within Days

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  1. Today I received a request to help pick someone up via their beacon. I took off from Port Olisar and flew straight into a flying wreck and exploded.

  2. Its been like this for 10 years. And I think things are actually getting worse. So strap in.

  3. Come on, that’s not right. I started playing 6 months ago. I could always log in and play and face the occasional problem, and the AI in bunkers was bad (this was 3.17.5).

  4. I can log in and spawn ships. The bots in the bunkers are dumb as a bag of rocks though.

  5. Exactly. People exaggerate the importance of family out of some misplaced (often cultural or religious) sense of duty, but far and away the most important people in your adult life will be the people you form relationships with by choice. Your family shapes who you are to a great extent, sure, but your friends are the expression of who you want to become.

  6. Its a small gripe but I dont like the way their guns have magazines. The gun seems way too human.

  7. I completely agree. I also get recommended this sub for no reason

  8. It’s almost like they should just admit defeat, roll back to 17.5 and go back to the test environment at this point..

  9. You don’t understand, this is terrible performance for the 5800x3D. Go watch any video on it or any post about it. A 50fps average for this chip in cities is insane. Everyone else I come across in game is getting 25+ more smooth fps than me.

  10. Many or 3.17.5, I’ve personally only seen 1 for 3.18 but it was VERY detailed

  11. Performance is worse for me with 3.18. I think we need to wait for them to straighten 3.18 out.

  12. Are we supposed to be excited about the future of SC when we see this shit?

  13. Given how badly 3.18 has gone I feel like it makes sense for them so slow down the dev cycle and just focus on fixing the current live build.

  14. But why take all the time to fix when as soon as another big update comes out it's just gonna break the game again.

  15. The next big update is server meshing and won’t be with us for a long time.

  16. It looks sick! Now have fun shooting that death ray and putting one wound on something xD

  17. I'm gonna be drunk on champagne in my kitchen, all by myself, on Tuesday.

  18. Says the man a judge ruled," that no person with reasonable intellect would believe".

  19. Why would you "blame them"? Blame the people who opose this opinion which if anyone actually bothered to think would be completely fucking obvious.

  20. The problem is that a large portion, possibly even a majority, are in favour of the war.

  21. Here are two meditations on the future of servers that I find entertaining:

  22. Your second point is a bit weird.. people choose which region they want to play in. If someone from Europe is shooting someone from Asia, then the person who decided to join their non local region should expect lag. The same as any other online game.

  23. To be fair to them had they not released it by Friday the same people would be screeching anyway, at least they get a few days of extra testing, plus the ptu was running super smooth so they definitely weren’t expecting it!

  24. It will be interesting to know what the difference was between PTU and live.. was it really just player numbers..

  25. They have raised over 500mil and it’s ridiculous this is what they’ve done in 10 years. For reference elden ring cost 200mil.

  26. I see your point but you are ignoring the fact that FromSoftware have been making that game over and over for like 35 years. CIG had to start from scratch.

  27. I've finally become able to do my job well and be recognized by my colleagues after many years of trying.

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