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What is your job and how much do you get paid?

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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Washington State Senator, Doug Ericksen, dead from covid at age 52

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I’m Peter Krykant, a former homeless injecting drug user. I turned an old ambulance into a consumption room for other users in Glasgow (the drug death capital of Europe). AMA!

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  1. Source? Not doubting, I just want to put into perspective his unwavering support of Assange who has clearly been a useful puppet for foreign Intel seeking to damage the US based on how WikiLeaks picks and chooses what they release and don't release.

  2. Yea, that was a big ol WTF seeing him doing a telethon for Assange. Roger done jumped the shark.

  3. Yea, this reads more like David Gilmour and Nick Mason are collaborating with a guy from Boombox and calling it Pink Floyd. While they do legally own the name, I'm not sure 2/5 counts as big band name to me.

  4. I know it's been only two months but is there still a need for electricians in Colorado?

  5. Yep! You can really just google 'colorado electrician apprenticeship program' and get results, add a city for more specificity.

  6. Seoul kitchen, a cup of peace, and Korea house are all IN Boulder. If you’re Korean or from Cali you’ll be disappointed. (I’m Korean) Small portions and general quality is lacking. Check them out. I personally am a fan of Seoul kitchen. If you go to aurora you’ll have better luck. There’s a small Korean community there and they got some decent stuff.

  7. In 2017 there was a super bowl commercial for Verizon and a new phone, possibly the pixel, because it was Verizon + google.

  8. This user has breed specific violent ideations.

  9. People just call them boxer mixes. The shelters even call them that. BSL in its current form has no impact on people adopting them because it is barely enforced or investigated if it is at all. They get adopted and returned ALL the time.

  10. Stop spreading your propaganda. You are suffering from breed specific violent ideation.

  11. I think “it is a common kink that some women have” is the closest you can really get to a true statement.

  12. I mean, it’s not. It is one of them, but it’s not the most common. I’m open to proof of that, but til then it’s just a thing you chose to say without any evidence.

  13. Regular pasteurized milk, probably in the refridgerated part of your Kroger:

  14. I’m sorry, I guess the difference here is pasteurized versus ultra high.

  15. …….Ok? Can you please elaborate instead of being kind of a snob about it? Because I searched high and low around me and came up empty.

  16. Well, that is a turn. Let’s keep it up.

  17. What does it say that you chose to describe it as 'white' as opposed to, say, 'affluent' or some other descriptor?

  18. It says they’re using explicit language instead of sugar coating and coddling.

  19. It should only be $50 in rural counties where your neighbors might be miles away?

  20. I live in a very rural part of Colorado and we have legit, gigabit fiber. The cities nearest to me don’t have fiber, but we do (and it goes through them to get here). In fact, a lot of rural areas have or will have fiber before major cities. It’s the opposite of how cable went down. Mainly the cable companies don’t give a fuck about residential distribution and they aren’t going to start. They don’t have any incentive to do so. Population centers need to take action on this one at the local levels.

  21. Nah, we’re living in the age of “if the shoe fits you get to where that motherfucker”.

  22. Very true, he’s from my state, and a good example of irony. He was also absent in El Salvador (paid to be there by the El Salvador current government), and then Florida dying while his constituents here in Washington were having the worst flooding on record. Not sure who decides who’s getting his seat, but they can’t be any worse.

  23. Ron Howard Narrator Voice: Yes. They could.

  24. If only those kids fully understood the debt many of them are taking on, they’d read every single thing they received.

  25. They make that money back in a few short years. It’s worth every penny if you have that dough and lack any scruples at all, which tends to be a trait of some people with a lot of dough.

  26. It tends to be a trait of nearly every single individual or entity with a lot of dough. I'm struggling to think of an exception.

  27. Totally, I don’t know if any exceptions either - but (some, lulz) people get their panties in a bunch sometimes when you over generalize, so I picked “some” - just in case.

  28. Did the title of this change in the past 20 minutes or did you really decide to barely tweak it? 🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. I tweaked the title. I'm generally sceptical of claims of specific number of days for any treatment

  30. Welp, then you should read the sub rules and be prepared to resubmit. 🤦‍♀️

  31. Wasn’t panda on the original eq2 pvp server?

  32. Finally, something interesting about one of these statues other than the one of Nathan Bedford Forrest that looks like nightmares. It’s interesting for looking like nightmares.

  33. Am I the only person who finds the concept of metaverse completely unappealing?

  34. I’m never getting a VR set. It is as easy as that.

  35. I'm not sure what they would hope to get from his phone, honestly. I just don't see what of any relevance they could find.

  36. I bet it’s the shop talk stuff. Requests that were made and either granted or declined via text. The armorer having multiple roles, that sort of thing. He was in charge, they’re gonna put everything they can on him. I assume the word negligence will start getting used a lot.

  37. What a great way to weed out the people who shouldn’t be in the military.

  38. … must not live in Colorado?

  39. Yeah. When I lived there, there would just be periods of the year where dust or smoke covered the city. Colorado because of the mountains becomes a bit of a funnel for all the junk out west. When CA gets wildfires, the smoke ends up in CO

  40. Yep! I’m not saying climate change isn’t real or these events haven’t become more extreme as a result, i am totally on board there. The weather patterns and intensities are changing, but the types of events themselves are still pretty normal.

  41. Here in California we legalized weed. I know it's not the same as heroin. But our price of weed went up for legal stuff bc it's tested regulated etc. While the black market is still thriving by avoiding taxes and testing. It's certainly not dirt cheap either

  42. The California experience doesn’t match Colorado in the pricing. Legalization bottomed out the black market so completely that now it exists basically just for people under 21. Tons of the black market is just stuff from dispensaries with a street tax.

  43. Hahahaha. Oh man. When I was a kid in the DC area (in the 80s/90s) there were advertisements for “the rider”. It was the same exact concept, just not specifically a blow up doll.

  44. The ads I saw framed "The Rider" as a safety device for women who were afraid of driving "alone" and being carjacked.

  45. Hahaha, man that is awesome. I don't recall the details of the commercials, I was pretty young, just that went they'd come on my mom would start scoffing at the audacity and explain what they were doing/why. She commuted to DC sometimes.

  46. My Father was in the Air Force so maybe they (or at least people I was around in the 80s) were more centered in reality.

  47. Your father being in the service doesn’t really pass his experiences onto you. If people were trying to decline vaccines, you may not have really been aware of it.

  48. Queue the psychos chiming in about how vaccines shouldn't be forced on the services, meanwhile they get vaccinated like nobody's business regularly.

  49. Not really regularly. I was in 6 years and the bulk of the vaccinations happen at the point of entry (basic).

  50. We had up to 95mph gusts here (rural, southern Colorado). There’s a reservoir next to my house and early in the morning yesterday water from it was freezing against the window. Power was out for about an hour and a half early in the morning but it came back quick. Our internet out here is fiber, so it’s mostly buried and not typically affected by weather.

  51. This is going to be the single positive story in a sea of evictions.

  52. Toddlers are complete and total sociopaths.

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