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  1. Bydgoszcz massive na tym kanale ostatnio.

  2. Mazepin did not score the fastest lap in the 2021 Belgian GP. Official FIA results:

  3. I rarely express my opinion on the paint schemes, but I really like the car #6 blue shade.

  4. They want to stick to the inner cities part of the sport.

  5. Let's involve new cities as much as possible, but let's not create a mockery of motorsport

  6. You'd know FE isn't a true mockery of motorsport if you watched the Indy Nashville GP last weekend. This might as well be a perfect track compared to that shitfest

  7. I've watched, Nashville is not a good track either

  8. Can we still expect your post this week? They're much better.

  9. Yes, I will post, just waiting for all paint schemes

  10. Last week, I kept actively checking and worried I missed your post or something. So, I actually went back and researched to find they come out on Fridays, haha (at least, they have the past few weeks)

  11. Honestly, I don't have a rule when posting it, I always try to post at least before quali, it depends a lot when I am sure about all cars

  12. Obowi膮zkowe "a mo偶e by tak rzuci膰 wszystko i zamieszka膰 w Bydgoszczy..."

  13. Small typo, Mariusz B艂aszczak (missing -ak in last name)

  14. Ah, this is where the mini-Cody tradition in spotter guides was born

  15. How did you do this when the game isn't available yet? Or is this from one of the streams?

  16. Yesterday, several streamers had Montana and showed it on the map

  17. Ciekawostka geograficzna, 6km na p贸艂noc od Potworowa le偶y miejscowo艣膰 呕ydy

  18. Czyli m贸wisz, 偶e... Teoretycznie, istnieje znak drogowy "Radom Centrum 呕yd贸w" ?

  19. Takiego nie widzia艂em bo nie po drodze z Radomiem, ale po艂膮czenie 呕ydy-Potwor贸w widzia艂em

  20. Mr Torpedo, ex driver of Red Bull Racing in F1, replaced by Max Verstappen

  21. Most often, where you can meet chess players, I see that they meet in the Kazimierz Wielki Park near the "Potop" fountain (53.126057,18.006159)

  22. We had 4x XP in Poland for the entire 3h (11-14), excellent throw all the time gave over 9500 xp with lucky egg, a friend from another region of the country had the same

  23. A lot of things in life will let you down and disappoint you. But there is one thing that will never fail you......

  24. The last wojak gives too much flashbacks from Ronde di Andorra

  25. Thank your for continuing to post these! They are very helpful to newbies like myself. :]

  26. It's good to know that someone likes them. Yep, they are helpful (I'm also a newbie at NASCAR, I'm only watching the second season)

  27. So has RWR acknowledged that little Cody is just a meme yet? They have to know they're the only one.

  28. Cody Ware knows, he was sad once when he was gone on graphic

  29. Someone in my flair is going to win this race. (I hope)

  30. See? I was just off by a week, it's all good lol.

  31. even NASCAR posted this paint scheme:

  32. To nie fotomonta偶, wcze艣niej oko艂o godziny 20:00 tak si臋 偶贸艂to zrobi艂o, jakby艣my byli g艂贸wnymi bohaterami meksyka艅skiego planu filmowego

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