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  1. Work probably still hasn't noticed I am gone

  2. Bloody nice camera for seven years ago, wasn't a phone was it?

  3. For me in the Couve Fox12+ is channel 40 something over antenna.

  4. I have trees that are literally taller in my back yard.

  5. The tallest tree in eastern South Dakota is a cottonwood that’s around 140 feet. The tallest living tree in the black hills is similar in height. It’s been measured at 122 and 146.

  6. I live in the PNW these days and have towering douglas fir trees in my backyard.

  7. La vue d'en haut est incroyable ! J'ai eu la chance d'y monter et c'était un rêve qui se réalisait. J'habite à côté depuis 20 ans et je regardais sans arrêt le sommet. Un samedi, je regarde passer une manif "les jeunes pour le climat", moi je reste assis devant ma bière puisque je suis un vioque. Alors quand soudain je vois des gens la-haut, j'y cours. Quelqu’un a ouvert la porte, côté faubourg et pharmacie, et un escalier minuscule permet d'arriver en haut. Les flics sont arrivés assez tard, plus d'une heure après je crois.

  8. Incroyable, je n'avais jamais réalisé à quel point c'était haut.

  9. I had a washing machine in my kitchen my apartments in Paris and Sydney. You get used to it over time.

  10. Let’s hope he doesn’t think that means University of Southern Florida...

  11. You got my hopes up, but I see I am in the wrong Vancouver.

  12. Was looking for this comment in particular. That place was the best.

  13. Sounds pretty sweet. I was considering Washington or Oregon myself.

  14. I moved through many places and now call Portland home, but live in the Washington side. I would recommend it if you are debating. So much to do, and winter's are mild.

  15. I love mine. I bought a low price($40) induction burner off Amazon to cook on and it's great. It'll come up to 400-450 and retain that heat without dropping once the food is dropped in it. I can actually stir fry in it and not end up just steaming/stewing in my carbon steel wok. I picked up the Lodge 9in. mini wok, cheap for about 11 bucks as a return item on Amazon. It's one of my favs for scrambled eggs.

  16. here is pretty much everything you want to know about picking out a wok.

  17. Really helpful! I appreciate your sending the link.

  18. Oh boy, a state by state breakdown of something. Can't wait to wade into the comments and find out how wrong it is about everyone's home state.

  19. Honestly pretty happy about the Oregon representation. Now I am craving a Reggie during quarantine.

  20. Not sure if it is still there, but I used to view this painting regularly at the Minnesota Institute of Art in Minneapolis. I always loved this painting.

  21. Canon EOS 300 (film) Cannon t3 Lomo Sardinia (analog) Lomo 360 Canon 60D Sony A7r Sony A7r iii

  22. Oh, thanks for the heads up. I am new here. Exposure: 1/500, f 5.0, and iso 100.

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