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  1. op trying to grab at any charts and indicators in a vain attempt to ease his/her utter insignificance in trying to predict the future

  2. decentralized...something......something

  3. "you will be dead for far longer than the Universe has been in existence"- Sir Roger Penrose

  4. my man already started the hardening process

  5. pretty sure those fonts didn't exist in 1875

  6. try penn jilletes potatoe diet for 2 week

  7. pretty sure those fonts didn't exist in 1875

  8. Spain and Portugal had the largest reserves of gold and silver at one point, they funded expeditions and loaned to other countries, and look where they are now

  9. 999996789th reason why women live longer than men

  10. he bought the suit and by the gods he will use every button on it

  11. we have too much information and just freaking out over it, a year later this will all probably be forgotten by another new craziness.

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