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  1. Nimm 2 Packungen, dann geht's auf. Sind sich halt doch irgendwie treu!

  2. Wir hatten da noch Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, gebackene Bohnen, Spam, Spam und Spam.

  3. I'm terribly sorry, but decency and respect are about to be extinct in the age of the internet.

  4. The Windmaker. It's a sophisticated force power devoid of any point.

  5. So weit ich weiß mögen sie den billigen Scheiss am liebsten.

  6. How do you call a car that is into transformers?

  7. His first act is to destroy a planet just like Vader but to do it with just ships' cannons. It's a rage that contrasts Vader and Kylo because it's primitive for what was meant to be a more civilized age.

  8. Sure, he is a Vader archetype. But what I like about him is the clear visualization of loss when gaining power, that is coming with the dark side. His metal jaw shows clearly that he is not even abled to eat normally. Vader feels the same loss, but I tend to forget the suffering Anakin behind Vader's mask while that contrast is more obvious in Malak.

  9. Darth Malak might not bei the best tempered and most intelligent of the Sith, but he was badass in KOTOR. His introduction in the game gave me the shivers back then.

  10. Seems like a demon went dumber two on your forearm, congratulations!

  11. Every beer but the last one. That is always bad for some reason.

  12. Endlich ist sie gefunden! Die Einbahnstraße in den Abgrund.

  13. Und die bekommt man nur als Parteimitglied.

  14. Open your eyes, man! They're everywhere!

  15. Das kann ja wohl auch nicht angehen! Diese komischen Menschen in ihren viel zu großen Siedlungen mit diesen riesigen Türmen, in denen keiner wohnt. Was soll das denn? Und dann diese Schrift oder wie sie diese ausdruckslos hässlichen Wandbemalungen nennen! Benehmen soll die sich Mal! Umherziehen wie jedes andere anständige Nomadenvolk!

  16. Da hat jemand wohl noch keinen Orkan erlebt!

  17. Maybe you can unwatch it with that handy memory eraser, the professor invented. Now just say ahh while I insert the scalpelrotor!

  18. First, one would have to define dominant. If it's about the impact, a species has on it's environment, some ants could be considered dominant in their habitat. So we could live on a planet with multiple species, too.

  19. Worse: If there is life found on Mars now, no one would know if it wasn't brought there with one of our robots.

  20. Ultrarar! Jean Pütz mit kurzen Haarem!

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