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  1. Sounds like OP is an adult and grown enough to be paying their own way on family vacations, especially considering sounds like they don’t pay rent

  2. I do pay rent I pay for any and all things I as an adult would need and all things my child would need. Never once did I say I live rent free in my parents house you make assumptions.

  3. I . HAVE . NEVER . BEEN. MARRIED I was engaged. It was broke off that has absolutely nothing to do with this. Furthermore you invite your daughter on a FAMILY trip because she is family by default. I could of happily paid for myself this was going on long before my child came about my God you people are the reason I thought this kind of treatment was normal for so long.

  4. I use to take my ring on and off I lost it a couple of times and so I just ended up putting it on my key chain. I am married tho and I make it clear.

  5. This happened to me too when I was 18 my dad gathered me and my siblings (3 brothers) and dropped the bombshell that we had another sibling. It was very stressful and honestly it never gets normal its always weird. You just have to learn to accept the past and get to know each other. Make it positive

  6. The feeling of complete comfort. Knowing no matter what I can be the truest version of myself in front of this person.

  7. Whether we like it or not big tech companies are still privately owned companies. They are allowed to have whatever they want on their site. It is kinda like big box office stores like Walmart. Walmart can tell you to wear a shirt because their Walmart and its privately owned. The free speech laws have yet to be adapted to incorporate social media. While it sucks that people are being taken off platforms for opinions it is that companies right to be represented the way they want to he.

  8. I love Flowey (I think I spelled that wrong). There is so much depth to his character and because he is the "Villian" I feel like he is overlooked. He impacts the story so much he follows you around it's just nice little touches like that. It adds so much more to his character.

  9. By illegitimate, I suppose you mean Bastard born. If so that is me and my conception, birth and early childhood and adult hood were fucking insane. My biological mother was married when she met my dad. She lies to him and her husband. When she gave birth to me she told her then-husband my sister's father that I was his. However, when she found out my dad was getting married to my stepmom she told him I was his. My father denied me because she had lied so much. When the paternity test came back it proved I was his. He fought for me not a hard battle because she was a druggie and left once the mention of child support was brought up

  10. I (21F) am like your Gf I have little to no mental health issues no depression no anxiety never experienced anything like that. However, It sounds like your drinking and your gf are safeguards for you, and as long as you have them both in your life there will always be a conflict. I know will not pretend like I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. However, I do know what it feels like to be in your gf she cares about you and until you get some help you will end up dragging her down with you. If she truthfully helps you more than talk to her about that and see what are some things you can do to get you away from the bottle. You sound like an addict in the making. It breaks my heart because you are so young. You have to choose the bottle of your gf

  11. I try working on myself but as soon as things start to get better, they get worse. And I can’t get into therapy, and I just don’t know what to do. And I know I’ll drag her down with me if I keep getting worse. And I don’t want that. I just thought getting her to understand where I’m coming from might maybe help somehow since she wants to know but just can’t understand

  12. Oh sweetie she will never understand because like you said she doesn't have those same feelings. You however with this behavior will not only hurt yourself more mentally and physically but you will start to hurt her mental health she will start to blame herself for your drinkink. This is the reality of situations like this you are so young you can get through this I know it seems impossible but you can

  13. I don't think your the asshole however, I and my husband had a similar situation. While this was a female friend and I was fairly sure she wanted us to break up. She would call my husband and tell him I was abusive he was being mistreated and he needed to leave. Me and ny husband play he even plays with my brothers and from an outsider it can look like we are taking things too far. It can be upsetting when someone who doesn't get to see them alone says something so hurtful about a loved one.

  14. She is very close to my sister. She never really abandoned my sister. I live my sister and her kids I want to be in there life. She lives with them so more often than not I see her when I go get the kids or spend time with my sis. Whenever I fight with her. She complains to my sister and it makes her upset. My sister has more or less taken on the role of the mother in their relationship.

  15. When I ignore her or fight with her she goes to my sister. She treats her oldest daughter (My sister) like she is the parent. I believe my sister has always taken care of her so when we fight she uses her as a way to mediate. I love my sister unconditionally. She had a much harder life than me. I try to be there to support her because I know she often feels alone.

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