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  1. So excited for this!! They have lee mujin too who’s been doing so well!

  2. Hurts :( I played the mv once on YouTube for streaming’s sake and listened to a couple songs on Spotify… but I cannot bring myself to listen to it more.

  3. Hungry Huy for Vietnamese and Filipino food. Made with Lau or Woks of Life for Chinese.

  4. Oh my gosh I never got the notifications for these messages but thank you for both of these thorough replies!

  5. My lv 90 Yanfei is C1 with 4pc wanderers troupe and C0 lv 80 lost prayer though I’m not sure if I should swap her weapon for a 4*?

  6. just 90/90 weapon and max talents if you have the resources. crits look good, energy and atk shouldn’t be an issue with bennett

  7. Got it! Will definitely work on farming the weapon/talent mats

  8. Most LOVEs are Korean, so I can only assume the international streaming tickets for the fanmeet didn’t sell well enough for Pledis to think it’s worth it this time :(

  9. Oh I didn’t even think of that being a reason but that does sound plausible ☹️☹️☹️

  10. Taku from outdoor chef life. Such a chill but knowledgeable guy.

  11. Played just under 12 months (a couple weeks after game launch).

  12. I had this almost exact same problem! When doing this bracket as a part of an online Leash Reactive dog course, my dog would always go for the treat he first sets his eyes on. Didn’t matter if we revealed the items at the same time, had them in my hand or the ground. He wouldn’t think and just eat the one he was staring at when I gave him the release command to eat.

  13. Ahh he even trended high on weibo just for these changes 😂 he really loves his fans and they love him

  14. Thanks for these translations! Caelan wasn’t here so I’ll add a translation so they’re in the same place 😊 (translated by @caelanschedule)

  15. Aaaa oh no how did I miss him 😭

  16. No worries! There’s 25 overall so it’s a lot 😂

  17. these are the ranking of trainees online photo sale.

  18. I think you have it flipped. Orange made it to the finals and blue did not

  19. Can anyone help with the translation? i recognize some names but 😅 sorry for the bother and thank you♥️

  20. I think you missed the group picture - Lin Mo, Liu Yu, Liu Zhang and Zhang Jiayuan

  21. Ohhh those got uploaded right when I went to bed 😭 sadly it would need a new post entirely

  22. No pressure at all. I donate a bit because I have the extra disposable income and want to do a bit more than just voting. Thankfully, the fan clubs of the trainees have never said anything to pressure people to donate. Instead they have fun incentives such as donating as votes for the best phrase to describe the trainee!

  23. I find it odd and sad how this has become the default mindset. Is it only because theres two trainees that people felt the need to choose one or the other unlike Avex who had 4? I don’t know why we can’t have both 😔

  24. But many speculated he will end up on the debut line-up. It is not up to his fans to decide whether he to debut or not. It is up to tencent. Just hope the best for him tho...

  25. There’s only so much modification of votes Tencent can do. Besides, lelush’s cfans have decided they won’t be voting during the finale. They only want him to reach the finale for better exposure for his future endeavors. A Lelush at 25th place is likely in the future.

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